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Juanita Bynum At The Essence Music Festival

Posted by Media Outrage on July 6, 2009


Juanita Bynum who has been under the radar as of late, posed for pics with Tom Joyner’s wife, Donna Richardson-Joyner at the Superdome in New Orleans during the Essence Music Festival.  She was photographed choppin’ it up with Steve Harvey and New Orleans’ Mayor Ray Nagin.  Juanita looks good even after all she’s been through.  More images when you Read the rest of this entry »

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Juanita Bynum Celebrates Turning 50

Posted by Media Outrage on January 30, 2009


Prophetess Juanita Bynum has really been through some real stuff in the past year. Back in 2007 she was a victim of a violent beat down from her own husband who was a Pastor. Smh. Well Juanita recently threw herself a birthday bash in which 300 of her closest friend and family attended to help the minister usher in her 50th birthday. She looks excellent for 50 years young.


Via Essence:


ESSENCE.COM: Happy belated 50th birthday! We’re glad to hear you’re doing well and have made it through the storm. How was your celebration of life?
 Words cannot express how truly amazing it was. It came about because I was in an unfortunate situation when I thought I almost wasn’t going to live to see 50. So I was happy to just be grateful for being alive. As time went on leading up to my birthday, I witnessed the transition I had gone through in 18 months [of my separation and divorce]. I was no longer the same person and had gone through a spiritual and emotional transition. Read the rest of this entry »

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2008 Essence Music Festival

Posted by Media Outrage on July 7, 2008

The 2008 Essence Music Festival has kicked off down in New Orleans at the Super Dome a few days ago. Rihanna performed on the 4th. Solange and her Daddy seemed to be enjoying their selves. Keishia Knight Pulliam is still looking right. Just check out all the photos cause there’s a bunch of them.

To see more pics Read the rest of this entry »

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On the scene

Posted by Media Outrage on July 7, 2008

Dr. Juanita Bynum was spotted down at the 2008 Essence Music Festival down in New Orleans. She’s definitely looking well in the face of her recent divorce. We wish nothing but the best for Dr. Bynum.

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Bishop Thomas Weeks pleads guilty to ‘A-Town’ stomp

Posted by Media Outrage on March 12, 2008

Bishop Thomas Weeks and Juanita Bynum

Bishop Thomas Weeks and Juanita Bynum

Well we can tell you that this ‘Church Soap Opera’ is finally over. Bishop ‘Stomp A N*gga’ Weeks finally admitted up to his crime and his new moniker that he earned here on Mediaoutrage, today in court as he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.

Via AP:

Bishop Thomas W. Weeks pleaded guilty Tuesday to aggravated assault in the summertime attack on his estranged wife, national evangelist Juanita Bynum.

In Fulton County Superior Court before judge T. Jackson Bedford, Weeks admitted that he grabbed Bynum, threw her down and kicked her in the parking of the Renaissance Concourse Hotel, near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Aug. 21

Weeks immediately was sentenced Read the rest of this entry »

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Bishop Thomas Weeks releasing tell all book online

Posted by Media Outrage on February 27, 2008

Bishop Thomas Weeks and Juanita Bynum

Bishop Thomas  Stomp A Nucca down to the white meat  Weeks’s PR firm XXPosure has decided to release his tell all book about his turbulent marriage to Prophetess Juanita Bynum entitled “What Love Taught Me”.

Via eurweb:

According to Weeks, as previously reported in an exclusive interview with EUR’s Lee Bailey, “… Juanita said when she heard about the book she felt like someone had hit her over the head with a bat.  It was a very dramatized statement, but I heard it and felt it from a husband’s perspective.”  Weeks seemed to still have a heartfelt emotional attachment to his estranged wife.

      He held back, but there was a caveat to that choice: XXposure had the right to release the book “if the drama continues.” Bynum has been a consistent no show to appointments, an AP article states, which is holding up legal proceedings in the case. Bynum’s absences were apparently enough agitation to cause Weeks’ representatives to re-issue the book.

      Angelo Ellerbe, head of the New York based firm exclaims, “The truth is no longer on strike and Bishop Weeks has been silent far too long. The book speaks the truth — no more drama, no more tears, no more lies. Enough of this ‘confusement’ park! This book must be released!”

      “The Cover of What Love Taught Me” depicts a photo of the now forlorn lovers dancing at their wedding with a rip between them, a metaphor for the permanent erosion of their relationship.

Mediaoutrage– Well at least it wasn’t him who gave the greenlight to release it. 

For more info on his tell all book visit 

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Juanita Bynum covers Essence

Posted by Media Outrage on December 13, 2007

Juanita Bynum

Prophetess Juanita Bynum is on this January’s cover of Essence. Here are a few excerpts of the article….

ON HER CRITICS: “People hating on me now are always going to hate. Half the people saying stuff, if I walked up to them in a beauty shop or in a store, would never say these things to my face. When I reflect on what God is still doing [in my life], I don’t have time to focus on people who don’t like me.”

ON DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IN THE CHURCH: “I have preached in the church for years…I was heartbroken to know that there were men of God who were in positions of ministry [who remain silent], and I refused to believe that nobody was hearing from God. I am a woman in the kingdom, and this happened to me, and I have absolutely no reason to lie about what happened to me.”

ON KEEPING THE FAITH: “God put me on this path, and this is what I feel is strengthening me. Not my prayers right now but the prayers that I’ve cried out to God when there was no problem. And just asking God to strengthen me and to sustain me, caused me to be focused. I think had I not done that out of obedience to him I probably would be in a real ugly state right now.”

ON FINDING LOVE AGAIN: “We make statements like, ‘I’ll never get married again.’ But that’s not my focus. I can’t start thinking connected right now. I have to just keep thinking singular right now, because if I don’t bring the singular part in every area, to more levels of growth, to the fullest capacity, then I still won’t have anything to connect with anybody.”

You can pick up the Essence on news stands now.


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Kirk Franklin speaks to VIBE

Posted by Media Outrage on December 10, 2007

Kirk Franklin

In an interview with Vibe Gospel sensation Kirk Franklin had some very interesting things to say….

How do you feel about the church being seemingly under attack right now, particularly following the whole Juanita Bynum situation? Does that affect you?
Yeah it does. It makes me want to be on my game. And when I talk about game, I’m not just talking about my music stuff; I’m talking about my walk [with God]. Music, entertainment, that’s fruit. The root of a tree, that’s what a person is in private. I’m only as strong publicly as I’m going to be privately. And I don’t think that we as Christians have done as good enough job as we needed to make sure we are strong privately; so now you see us crumbling publicly. We’ve been trying to tell ya’ll, “Well, God is doing this,” and privately we weren’t doing the work.

So you feel that a lot is being exposed with people?
That word is a little too… boastful. It’s almost like it separates me from them, when I am them and it’s only by God’s grace that I didn’t end up like them. It ain’t because I didn’t have my junk. That’s why I think it was wrong for people to bash [Bill] Clinton, because he ain’t the first one [to cheat on his wife]. He just happened to get caught. Everybody else needs to shut up and thank God for grace that he didn’t pull out they stank drawers.

But when the public crumbling starts happening, that’s your greatest hour—
It’s only your greatest hour if you are prepared for what you’ve done privately. Private work will allow a person to be strong when they stand up. But if I’m trying to teach you prosperity and Bentleys and success and all that . . . That ain’t no substance. That’s like a husband and wife smiling for the camera while they going down the red carpet, but they get back home, and they sleeping in two different bedrooms.

Okay, but you seemed like you had it all together. Then there was the 2005 Oprah appearance [where you revealed you were once addicted to pornography]. How did people react to you after that?
I think the Oprah [appearance] was very interesting. For five years, I’ve been telling my testimony in church; I’ve been on covers of Christian publications, I’ve been on Christian television telling my testimony about a lot of unhealthy sexual activity that I got introduced to as a kid.

That’s what made the Oprah people even call me; they had heard my story from TBN and other [shows]. For people who hadn’t been in church, it was news for them. As a culture, we’re not used to people telling on themselves. How many people come out and just tell on themselves? You knew that Lindsay [Lohan] had a drinking or a drug problem because she was arrested. You know that Britney [Spears] is having some emotional problems because she’s arrested. We’re used to people getting caught. We’re not used to people exposing themselves.

So going back to other people, like Juanita Bynum, who’s been criticized for going on television talking about her situation with [her ex-husband] Bishop Weeks. You’re saying you don’t see anything wrong with any of that. You feel like it’s a Christian’s responsibility to come out and speak about that?
I think there’s a difference between testimonies and  . . . trying to use the media for your own benefit, or pimp media opportunities. There are some people who will call media outlets to tell those stories. [Oprah] was an outlet that called me.

So our motives are different because the genesis of it is different. I’m not calling people and asking to give interviews about how I was a little dirty boy doing these little nasty things as a young man. I ain’t called nobody.

So if somebody calls me and wants me to share something that I hope can help other people, why wouldn’t I? But if I’m trying to do something to say there’s one person at fault, or try to make myself seem great, and I’m looking for these new opportunities, and I’m endorsing myself as the “New Messiah of Pornography,” then, God can’t get the glory and can’t nobody get blessed cause I’m doing it for the wrong reasons.

It’s almost like me boxing with my shirt off saying, “I’ma do this cause I want to be the sexy Christian!” I try to do what I do for the right motives.

My real momma lived 15 minutes from me and I ain’t got no good relationship with her, she can’t stand me, I can’t stand her. I got a crackhead sister. That’s what people need to know. They need to stop seeing all these suits and ties and all this Hollywood stuff. They need to see I’m hurting just like you.

None of this is hypothetical?
All that’s true! Everything I just said is true. My momma lived 15 minutes away from me and I ain’t never had a relationship with her. My real dad lives in Houston. The first time I saw him, he showed up to one of my concerts. I didn’t let him backstage, cause how dare you not invest in my life but you want to be backstage?! And you want to introduce me to all these kids that are your kids, like, “Hug your brother”? “Fool, please! I don’t know you.”

And I got to deal with that, cause that anger can turn into sin. I’ve struggled and been angry with these people. Borderline hating these people.

Can you see yourself working with secular artists again at all?
Yeah, if we have the same vision. Like the Lauryn Hill we loved, that Miseducation Lauryn Hill? I could work with her in the drop of a dime. Oh God yeah. Faith Hill, Garth Brooks . . . I’m just concerned that I don’t send mixed messages to people.

Shout out to Tony Chad! one of our readers for sending us the article! Thanks!

For the rest of the interview check out VIBE 

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Juanita Bynum responds to Bishop Weeks statements.

Posted by Media Outrage on November 24, 2007

Juanita Bynum

I know what happened that night. I was there … and those marks are not from me,” Weeks asserts.

This is what Juanita Bynum had to say in response to statements that her estranged husband Bishop Thomas Weeks had to say in regards to Juanita Bynum’s interview she did with Essence where she speaks very candidly about their troubled marriage.

“Bishop Weeks is doing exactly what he promised he would do and that is, “TRY” to destroy my name with lies, fabrications and exaggerations. His behavior is to be expected! Yet, the facts and photos that were taken by the district attorney’s office of me two days later and the doctor’s report from two different hospitals could not be forged nor entered into the court system as legal documents for evidence, otherwise the District Attorney’s office would not have been able to pass down an indictment. When it comes to facts the courts are different from the media. In court you have to present real facts and witnesses run the risk of perjuring themselves, therefore I cordially invite all of Bishop Week’s witnesses to the stand.

      I am not the one on trial, therefore I have nothing to defend.  How can I choke myself until the blood comes to the surface of my skin and then kick myself in five other places, one of which could not be photographed because it was in a private area [?]  At this stage of my ministry/career with major projects pending, I would not have had any motive to stage my own attack and bring worldwide negative press to myself. Having been in ministry for 20 years and reaching world wide status prior to me meeting Bishop Weeks I am confident in the power of truth! I was Juanita Bynum when I walked into this marriage and I will continue to be Juanita Bynum as I exit from this marriage in spite of all false allegations that have come against my name. As I have stated from the beginning, this too shall pass!

Wow the war is on!

To watch Bishop Thomas Weeks video press conference click here.


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Bishop Thomas Weeks denies Juanita Bynum’s claims made in Essence Magazine!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 22, 2007

Bishop Thomas Weeks

Bishop Thomas Weeks III has denied Juanita Bynum’s recent account of the trouble and  abuse that supposedly existed in their marriage as she told in Essence Magazine’s December issue. He says her depiction of the troubled marriage is not true and exaggerated and used to vilify his character.

Here is what he had to say….

Anyone who knows the truth about our marriage, knows what is in that magazine is a bunch of conjectures, misstatements, and dramatized events,” Weeks said in a statement released after a press conference at his church Wednesday.

Weeks said the interview made him look like a “villian” and that he is looking forward to being “vindicated” in the court system.

Bynum has accused Weeks of choking, beating and stomping her to the ground during an Aug. 21 attack in an Atlanta hotel parking lot. The pastor discusses the details of the incident in the magazine article.

Weeks has been charged with aggravated assault, terroristic threats and simple battery in connection with the incident. He later denied the account of abuse.

I look forward to the mountain of evidence that will clear me at the upcoming trial,” Weeks said. “I am extremely disappointed that my wife, who swore to me, before she asked me to marry her, that she would never publicly embarrass me, that she would never let me fail, or see me suffer. I believed her.


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