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A little bit of justice in philly

Posted by Media Outrage on May 19, 2008

Finally some justice served to these dirty filthy corrupt pigs. That’s right we refer to corrupt police officers who thoroughly abandon their duties and abuse their authority as “PIGS”. Well two weeks ago when that Rodney King like video flashed across the air waives showing 19 police officers (PIGS) auditioning for a Soldier Boy video while adding variations to the very popular ATL dance “Lean with it rock with it” and mixing a lot of Bishop Week’s even more famous A-Town Stomp (Looks like you have a copyright infringement lawsuit Bishop Weeks cause they was using ya ish without written approval) on 3 criminals that were defenseless (Regardless of them being criminals cops are supposed to exercise discipline and follow lawful procedure not turn into their own version of Al-Quida).

To read what happened to some of these officers Read the rest of this entry »

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More police brutality by the NYPD

Posted by Media Outrage on May 16, 2008

When will this stop? When will the law have the balls to condemn and convict their own? Somebody needs to clean this corrupt Police Department that seems to operate like a malicious street gang rather than hired officers of the law that are supposed to serve and protect. And folk wonder why people don’t call the popo. Read this mess…..

Via Nydailynews:

An irate off-duty cop went wild and attacked a traffic agent for giving his girlfriend a ticket, but police decided it wasn’t a felony – and ended up handcuffing the agent.

“If the NYPD doesn’t show respect to us, what will happen with regular civilians?” said Traffic Agent Celemi. Read the rest of this entry »

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Philly police brutality caught on tape!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on May 7, 2008

What can we say about this mess??? 3 black men were stopped after a police chase on Monday night in which the cops pulled them out of their cars and proceeded to kick, stomp, and beat them with their batons. This is sickening. We wonder did these corrupt ass officers know that there was a news helicopter hovering above taping this entire disgusting incident. A police officer was killed in the line of duty last week in Philly so they are saying that the other officers are on edge. Well we say to that they shouldn’t have badges and guns if they are going to ignore the training that they go through to protect and serve. This is just an issue that needs to be brought to light and dealt with. The beating of Rodney King in the 90’s brought police brutality to the forefront, and the violent murders of Amadou Dialo (in which he was shot at 41times for having a wallet and hit 19) and Sean Bell who was shot at 50 times and hit 16 in which all 3 of those dirty cops were acquitted. And people wonder why young people don’t trust cops. SMH. Discuss………..

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More police brutality!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 6, 2007

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Video of Snoop Dogg getting attacked by the UK Police!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 6, 2007


So ashame. The police just think they have the right to beat you down. Major abuse of their power. This is why some people hate cops.  And we just thought it was over here that the popo liked to A-Town Stomp on a nucca for no reason. Oh yea thanks to Mediatakeout we found this video on there!

Watch Video

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