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Profound Comments

Posted by Media Outrage on October 6, 2008

An M.O. reader left a very profound comment today that we felt deserved to be posted. So many of your comments keep us in stitches every single day. This one was left in response to another loyal reader who said that they won’t be voting. Here is what reader Positive Thought had to say about that:

Here’s something to think about: You say that your vote doesn’t count and won’t make or break the outcome of this very important election. Think about how many other young black men and women are thinking the same thing and then subtract them from the voting booths on November 4th, and you have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of intelligent able bodied voices that won’t speak. Trust and believe there are thousands of people thinking the same exact thoughts that you have expressed on this site. So in reality your vote does count. Read the rest of this entry »

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