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Cassidy dissin Cyssero

Posted by Media Outrage on March 19, 2008

We had posted this video before and decided to post it again just because Cass was killing it. He takes a shot at Philly underground rapper Cyssero who was signed with Game’s Black Wall Street at one time but was dropped from the label. Sources tell us that Cyss and Cass used to be cool and used to write rhymes together but things went sour somewhere way back and several diss records followed. Cyss has been compared to Cass because of his punch line style. Peep what Cass says in the freestyle about Cyss who he claims copied rap style…..

You a broad you don’t live sh*t like me/ You a fraud who be trying to spit just like me/ You ain’t sick like me clown change up ya sound/ to make a rhyme you take my lines and change em around

Cassidy’s warning shots diss at Cyssero from a few years back….

And I was like a pop to you n*ggas/ I gave you a flow adopted you n*ggas/ I did a lot for you n*ggas/ And this the f*cking thanks I get/ You my son you should thank my d*ck/ You take my sh*t flip it around and now you think you sick/I guess you think you Cass/ But I think you trash/ And I’ll spank that ass you ain’t f*cking with me/ You wouldn’t even rap like that if it wasn’t for me/ Wow I been had my weight up/ How you gonna battle me with a style that I made up?

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Cassidy says he didn’t set up papoose

Posted by Media Outrage on March 8, 2008


Cassidy called into Ms. Jones to explain to the world that he did not set up Papoose. He said that they all happened to be booked at the same hotel in NC and that Pap’s room was like two doors from his, but that he didn’t know Pap like that so he invited him to his room to rap and bug out before going to the show. He says he’s not at all a shiesty person and would never set someone up. He says he wasn’t even aware of the fact that Joe had a problem with Papoose and if he was he would have tried to defuse the situation before it escalated because of the near death experiences he’s been in with the shoot out that got him jail time and the car accident. Listen for yourself. We actually believe Cass.

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Fat Joe really wants to fight 50 Cent

Posted by Media Outrage on March 6, 2008

Fat Joe

Fat Joe of coursed phoned into Ms. Jones to reiterate his side of the physical altercation that happened between he and Papoose. He made it clear that he really wants to just fight 50 in a one on one and get this over with. He also was talking wreck less and invited anyone to come to his album release party saying that he will be wearing over $1million worth of jewelery and he dared someone to try and rob him. SMH at all of this machismo. Not necessary if you not a sucka then you don’t have to try and prove it. Listen Here. 

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Papoose hints that Cassidy set him up

Posted by Media Outrage on March 6, 2008


Papoose called into Ms. Jones show yesterday and once again discussed the brawl with Fat Joe in which he claims he 2 pieced Joe, and when Ms. Jones asked how did Joe know that he was in Cassidy’s room and whether he thought that Cass set him up he responded by saying “you heard the story Ms. Jones you tell me what you think.” Listen Here. 

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Fat Joe tells his side of the story about the Papoose fight

Posted by Media Outrage on March 5, 2008

Fat Joe

Fat Joe called into the same radio station that Papoose called in and told his side of the story. Fat Joe says he 50 was on the radio talking slick about him and Papoose was in the background laughing at all of 50’s jokes. Fat Joe says he was doing a show down in North Carolina and his people told him Papoose was in the same hotel so Joe says he went and knocked on mad hotel room doors and finally found the room and there was like 40 dudes in the room and he approached Papoose with only 4 dudes and him and Pap got it on and he says that he hit Pap with like 8 punches and balled him up in the corner and then they sent his DJ to the hospital that night. He says Cassidy and Gucci Mane were witnesses so he doesn’t know why Pap is lying. He says he want’s to fight 50 Cent and then it will be over. Anyway Listen Here for yourself.

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Fat Joe speaks about fight with Papoose and disses 50

Posted by Media Outrage on March 4, 2008

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Papoose tells how he beat the hell out of Fat Joe

Posted by Media Outrage on March 4, 2008

PapooseFat Joe

Papoose talks about how he was in Cassidy’s hotel room and Fat Joe approached him with like 9 or 10 bodyguards and Pap only had 2 dudes with him. Joe was upset cause Pap did an interview with 50 Cent on the radio so he approached him. Pap says Fat Joe asked him did he have a problem with him and then Pap asked ‘Do you have a problem with me?’ Fat Joe said yea. Pap said tell your peeps to leave the room my peeps leave the room and we get the fair one. Fat Joe refused so Pap just beat him up on the spot and Fat Joe’s people jumped in but he says he handled his biz and Fat Joe is a sucker. He said he lost all respect for the dude. Listen Here.

SMH at Fat Joe being afraid to shoot the fair one with Papoose and then catching an ass whooooopin.

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Is Jay Z’s drug dealing past greatly exaggerated???

Posted by Media Outrage on November 30, 2007

Jay Z

Jay’s ex buddy De-Haven is at it again, claiming that the one thing that Hov has built his entire image and legendary status around which is the claim that he sold drugs heavy while young and then jumped out of the underworld into this rap ish is full of lies and pretty exaggerations. De-Haven says that Jay was an innocent bystander and sideline reporter for the drug world that he (De-Haven) was deep into. Here’s what De-Haven had to say in a recent interview with NyMag

In the video for his new hit single “Roc Boys (And the Winner Is),” Jay talks about a crew of Marcy hustlers called the Roc Boys. Were you a Roc Boy?
I have no idea what a Roc Boy is, actually. I guess that’s something new that they’re coming up with now. There was no crew back in ’88; it was just me and him, so I don’t know how he got “Roc Boys.”

How did you and Jay meet?
We lived in the same building, on the same floor in the Marcy projects, and we went to [elementary] school together. He was a year ahead of me.

What was he like back then?
He was hanging with some “school”guys. Nerds! We didn’t get together actually until after the fifth grade, in intermediary school. We played baseball and basketball. He wasn’t tough on the court at all. He didn’t like physical ball. He was the same type of guy then as he is now, just a cool guy. He wasn’t no bully, he didn’t start no trouble.

Did you and Jay sell drugs together?
No, he ain’t do much selling drugs. I did all that work. He was just a good dude to be around. He was one of my best friends. I taught him some things, but I mainly kept him from being out on the street a lot. Whatever was mine was his. So, we shared clothes, we shared a whole bunch of stuff. We had sex with the same women plenty of times. We both got burnt! We had the drip. My mom took him to the clinic. My mom also got him out of jail.

Does Jay exaggerate his drug-dealing in his songs?
I’m telling you he overexaggerates. He was there to see things, but doing some big-time Frank Lucas–type thing? No. He nickled and dimed, but nothing on a major scale. He definitely didn’t sell nothin’ in Marcy. Spanish Jose, who he mentions a lot [in his songs], was a friend of mine. Jay didn’t have no affiliation to Spanish Jose.

You’re saying Jay appropriated your story?
He says it himself. He’s been talking about me since day one, on a lot of his albums. He mentioned me on The Black Album, and I hadn’t seen him in years.

After Marcy, the two of you headed to Trenton.
Yeah. I wasn’t going to school. My basketball coach in high school recommended me to go to Trenton High, which had a great basketball program. I moved to Trenton in ’88, and it was just like an open drug market out there. I couldn’t even focus on the basketball when I saw that market. So I got settled in there. I went back to New York and talked to Jay. He wasn’t doing nothing, he didn’t have no money in his pocket, he wasn’t feeling school, neither, so I asked if he wanted to come live with me. We moved in with my aunt, who accepted him as my best friend. In Trenton he started dipping into his music with Jaz-O, so he wasn’t much around, because he had to get back and forth to the studio, which I was funding. I was supporting [his career] with everything I could do. When he needed more people in the crowd, I provided more people in the crowd. When he needed security, I provided security. I supported my dude!

When did the two of you have a falling-out?
We never really had a falling-out, that’s the problem. This is why I’m so confused. There was no argument, there was none of that. I don’t want an apology [from him], I want a reason. What happened? When my case [a federal drug-conspiracy charge] came in 1998, I never seen him again too much anymore. The case had nothing to do with him, his name never came up, so I’d like to ask him, “What happened?” Where did his departure come from?

When he talks about you on “No Hook,” is he accusing you of snitching?
I think he’s talking about the way I went about this YouTube project [and not about snitching]. But he’s into subliminal messages, so [I think] he’s trying to get me hurt. That goes beyond disrespect. He’s getting my safety involved. I can’t believe my own daughter’s godfather is trying to get me hurt. But it won’t work. Being that I’ve been in prison a lot of times, a lot of people know my credibility. They know I went all the way to trial with my federal case, and I won.

Do you want money from Jay?
Not now! We went beyond that. I was hoping from the first YouTube that we could sit down and discuss this like men. But he didn’t go that route.

Have you seen any financial benefits from this project so far?
No, but I’m looking to see that off of this DVD and this book. They’re about a lot of things that we’re talking about. A lot of people come forward, verifying what I’m saying. In the book I go into full detail about [my] case, about, when I did see Jay, what we talked about. It’s full of details.

Will they be self-released?
Right now, everything is still in the works. I have two major companies which are doing a little bidding war. I might just do something independently if they don’t come up with the proper numbers.

To listen to ‘No Hookclick here.

For rest of the interview click here.

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Lil’ Wayne talks Jay Z, 50 Cent, Rap Beef and more!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 3, 2007

Lil Wayne

In a recent interview with Vibe Lil’ Wayne had these things to say:

Do you listen to a lot of music?
Everybody who know me know you come around Wayne, you better not be trying to hear the latest hits from somebody’s album. ‘Cause when you listen to another niggas music you can get in that zone. Like I done listened to Hov and I didn’t wanna do nothing but get shot everyday, I didn’t wanna go to the studio. Hov wasn’t rapping about going to the studio. I stopped listening after The Black Album. I stopped listening to other people’s music.

Back in August, 50 Cent was talking trash about you jumping on everyone’s tracks.
You talking about 50 Cent from G Unit?
So you don’t have anything to say in response to him calling you a whore?
A person like 50 Cent say anything about me, you gotta understand, that’s what makes them who they are. So me getting mad, that would be outta Lil Wayne’s character. There’s been plenty of recorders right here in my face saying, What you think about such-and-such saying…? Nothing! I don’t think nothing! That ain’t me, I’m from New Orleans, man, we kill, for real, I’m not gonna stress that!
Speaking of stress, let’s talk about the incident when the cops pulled you over after your show on July 22, 2007, at the Beacon Theater in New York.
When they locked me up in New York and they asked me about Jay-Z, 50 Cent, G Unit and no fucking gun or weed like they made it look like on TV? Ask me what I told them – Nigga, I’m from New Orleans! I will murder ya’ll up in this bitch! Fuck that, why would I murder a rapper?! I’m gonna listen to his shit on the way to go murder another nigga!

So the hip hop cops took you in supposedly over guns and weed but ended up just interrogating you to get info about other rappers?
They ain’t ask me a damn thing about no gun or no weed.  That could have been the gun that shot Kennedy, they didn’t give a fuck! All they wanted to know was, [in cop’s serious voice], ‘So what’s the beef with you and Jay-Z? You and 50 Cent?’ I said, ‘Sir, let me tell you two words – Beef who? [slaps his chest where his heart is] New Orleans, murder capital, man!

For rest of the interview pick up the Vibe on shelves now! and also click Here 

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L.L. disses Jay Z!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on September 28, 2007

So now the stage has been set for what could be one of hip-hops biggest battles ever if these two Industry Giants Face off on wax…Jay Z vs L.L. L. thinks that one of Jay’s lines in the “I get money” remix with 50 and Diddy was a shot directed at him. Jay’s line was “I’m already the G.O.A.T., next stop is the billi,

Now here’s what L.L. had to say….

Jay called into Angie Martinez’s Hot 97 show the other day and had this to say…

I wasn’t thinking about him [LL],” Jay told Angie. “I’m being very honest. I really believe myself to be the greatest of all time. I was just trying to have a slick line. I just thought it was a fun play on words.

If I wanted to go there, I would just really just go all the way out,” Jay continued. “I don’t like the way he’s carrying it. We could have definitely talked about this. Or he could have just gave me a phone call. That’s his decision, but I respect him as a legend in the game. And he gon’ get a couple of passes because of that.”

Now listen to Jay’s verse…

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