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Posted by Media Outrage on November 27, 2007

Stephen King

Horror hit maker Stephen King had a lot to say to Time about pop culture, the obsession with celebrity news, and politics.

“And I’m like, “Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan aren’t cultural.” They aren’t political. They’re economic only in the mildest sense of the word. In fact, if I had to pick somebody, some celebrity who has had some impact this year, some sort of echo in the larger American life, I would say Hannah Montana. That whole issue of online ticket sales and scalping fascinates me. There are [legitimate] issues there about the Internet, so that actually does seem to have some cultural significance. But Britney? Britney Spears is just trailer trash. That’s all. I mean, I don’t mean to be pejorative. But you observe her behavior for the past five years and you say, “Here’s a lady who can’t take care of her kids, she can’t take care of herself, she has no retirement fund, everything that she gets runs right through her hands.

Stephen King’s feelings on the controversial issue of waterboarding (where a prisoner of war is tied to a board and water poured over their face, in order to make them talk and give up secrets, we know that is torture and you can die from it) that the army has been accused of….

“So I said something to the Nightline guy about waterboarding, and if the Bush administration didn’t think it was torture, they ought to do some personal investigation. Someone in the Bush family should actually be waterboarded so they could report on it to George. I said, I didn’t think he would do it, but I suggested Jenna be waterboarded and then she could talk about whether or not she thought it was torture.

Wow!!!! Big words from Stephen King. We like people who keep it real.


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