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67 Year Old White Man Opens Up More Than a CAN of Whoop Dat Azz on Black Dude!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on February 17, 2010

LMAO!!! A 67 year old white man got into a verbal altercation with a young black dude on a bus which then led to the commencing of fisticuffs.  Peep game to see old man looking like Iron Mike Tyson in his prime and beating the living shit outta black homie…… Read the rest of this entry »

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Philly police brutality caught on tape!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on May 7, 2008

What can we say about this mess??? 3 black men were stopped after a police chase on Monday night in which the cops pulled them out of their cars and proceeded to kick, stomp, and beat them with their batons. This is sickening. We wonder did these corrupt ass officers know that there was a news helicopter hovering above taping this entire disgusting incident. A police officer was killed in the line of duty last week in Philly so they are saying that the other officers are on edge. Well we say to that they shouldn’t have badges and guns if they are going to ignore the training that they go through to protect and serve. This is just an issue that needs to be brought to light and dealt with. The beating of Rodney King in the 90’s brought police brutality to the forefront, and the violent murders of Amadou Dialo (in which he was shot at 41times for having a wallet and hit 19) and Sean Bell who was shot at 50 times and hit 16 in which all 3 of those dirty cops were acquitted. And people wonder why young people don’t trust cops. SMH. Discuss………..

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