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Successful attorney willie gary pays $28,000 a month in child support

Posted by Media Outrage on January 15, 2008

Willie Gary

Extremely successful lawyer Willie Gary is in a legal battle with Atlanta resident Diana Gowins whom he fathered twins with. Gary was ordered to pay $14,000 a piece for each child. (That just sounds crazy to us. That’s a lot of cake going right into her pockets.) So that equals out to $28,000 a month and $336,000 a year, wow.

Well Gary says he thought the order was $14,000 a month combined for the twins not per child. He signed a document nearly 4 years ago that he thought stated that he would pay a total of $14,000 a month for the twins support. So they have been in and out of court about this issue. Gowins claims that $28,000 a month is pocket change to Gary who according to court papers pays $150,000 to maintain his personal Boeing 737 and estimated his personal fortune to be $60million in 2003. (Our opinion is that shouldn’t matter if the support is for the children, because it doesn’t take $28,000 a month to comfortably raise two babies.) But Gary argues in court papers that Gowins “had misused, misappropriated and wasted the money he had given her.” (What a surprise right?)He said he paid $500,000 for support payments, college tuition funds, a new house, and child medical payments by 2005 but at that time only $25 remained in the bank for his children. (SMH)

In 2005, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Cynthia Wright granted Gowins $28,000 in monthly child support.

So far, Gary has lost most of the legal fights with either the trial judge or appellate judges siding with Gowins.

Right now, the high court has to decide whether Wright can force Gary to pay nearly $600,000 in back payments Gowins contends he owes her.

Gary won a brief victory in 2006 when Wright, apparently fed up with Gowins’ spending, reduced the child support payments to $5,000 a month, plus $2500 a month for private school. The judge had previously chastised Gowins about her spending and suggested she get a job. Gowins told the court she had the right to be a stay-at-home mom.

But the Court of Appeals reversed that ruling last November.

Gary’s lawyers had won the lower payment party by arguing Gowins had made $95,000 through investing the support money.

Mediaoutrage– See that is why we feel the system is out of control with the way they rule on child support amounts for rich athletes, actors, business men, and so on. The money is not really for the child it is actually being used to support a lavish lifestyle for the baby’s mama and a lot of times they have no interest at all in working.


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