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Casino denies man $5million jackpot

Posted by Media Outrage on March 7, 2008

Slot Machine

This is wild. A man gambling in a Virgin Island Casino played $20 and hit the jackpot on the slot machine for $5.15million and then a worker at the Casino purposely un-plugged the machine saying that it was a malfunction.

Via switched:

If you’ve ever been in a serious casino, then you’ve seen the gigantic slot machines off in the corners (the ones that only accept large-denomination bills). These machines usually have something like spinning cars on top or giant screens showing millions and millions of dollars counting up all the time. Such a machine was precisely the type that Illinois attorney Alvin Paulson put a $20-bill into while on vacation in the Virgin Islands. To his surprise, it lit up and started spitting out quarters — that is, until a casino worker unplugged it and said it was a malfunction.

he machine was showing a $5.15-million jackpot when Paulson fed his $20 bill in there, an awfully big payout and an awful lot more than the $100 and a free meal hat the casino offered him for the supposed malfunction. The casino has yet to offer any proof of said malfunction and Paulson is, naturally, suing the place for either said proof or the $5-million prize.

Mediaoutrage– That’s definitely two lawsuits; 1. For them refusing to pay. and 2. The one we would have incurred after we politely A-Town stomped his head into the carpet.

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