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Cyssero freestyle

Posted by Media Outrage on March 31, 2008

Shout to loyal reader Ameen for sending the video. This is an old freestyle of up and coming Philly rapper Cyssero who has drawn continuous comparisons to Cassidy.

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Cassidy dissin Cyssero

Posted by Media Outrage on March 19, 2008

We had posted this video before and decided to post it again just because Cass was killing it. He takes a shot at Philly underground rapper Cyssero who was signed with Game’s Black Wall Street at one time but was dropped from the label. Sources tell us that Cyss and Cass used to be cool and used to write rhymes together but things went sour somewhere way back and several diss records followed. Cyss has been compared to Cass because of his punch line style. Peep what Cass says in the freestyle about Cyss who he claims copied rap style…..

You a broad you don’t live sh*t like me/ You a fraud who be trying to spit just like me/ You ain’t sick like me clown change up ya sound/ to make a rhyme you take my lines and change em around

Cassidy’s warning shots diss at Cyssero from a few years back….

And I was like a pop to you n*ggas/ I gave you a flow adopted you n*ggas/ I did a lot for you n*ggas/ And this the f*cking thanks I get/ You my son you should thank my d*ck/ You take my sh*t flip it around and now you think you sick/I guess you think you Cass/ But I think you trash/ And I’ll spank that ass you ain’t f*cking with me/ You wouldn’t even rap like that if it wasn’t for me/ Wow I been had my weight up/ How you gonna battle me with a style that I made up?

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