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Celebs speak out against acquittal

Posted by Media Outrage on April 27, 2008

Ice Cube, Chamillionaire, and Al Sharpton are among the many millions that are totally disgusted with the lack of justice we saw Friday when the judge acquitted all 3 officers in the shooting death of Sean Bell in which they fired 50 shots at an unarmed man hitting him 16 times. This is definitely a disgusting travesty of what is supposed to be justice in America. It reminds black people of the Jim Crow era in which African Americans never received a fair shot in a court room. It also sends a loud message to youth that already do not trust the law, that the police will not be held accountable when they use excessive force, break the law, and murder innocent civilians. It tells black people that society values the lives of corrupt police officers more than regular people.

Via MTV:

Al Sharpton:

“I think that we need a cross-section of groups to come together,” Sharpton said from his National Action Network headquarters in Harlem. “We need to sit down immediately and plan a strategy and make it international, with the goals being a structural change in policing. I believe we can get to the federal government. Then we’re going to wait again for another trial. There’s something wrong with the law, and we must change that.”

Ice Cube:

“This is just another example that the justice system in America views a black life as worthless,” Read the rest of this entry »

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