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Baby momma says Mario Winans is a dead beat dad

Posted by Media Outrage on March 8, 2008

Mario Winans

Janel Bennett who is the mother of Mario Winans son, Jordan, is claiming that Mario has not paid her child support and as a result she was evicted from her home in Miami and now homeless living with friends on the South Side of Chicago working as a cocktail waitress.

Via Pagesix:

Janel Bennett, who was in an eight-year relationship with Winans before she had her son, Jordan, claims she was evicted from her home in Miami because Winans won’t pay child support. She told us she is “homeless and living with friends on the South Side of Chicago,” where she works as a cocktail waitress. In 2005, the Miami Herald reported, “A DNA test shows a ‘99.99 percent probability’ that Winans is the biological parent.” Documents filed in a Miami-Dade, Fla., court last Jan. 2 stated, “Mario Winans is obligated to pay Janel Bennett $4,500 per month due on the first of each month as child support.” Bennett told us, “He hasn’t paid me. I just wanted support, and I was on disability and Medicaid and welfare just to have the baby.” She said that after telling Winans she was pregnant, he disappeared from her life. Friends of Winans confirmed to Page Six that his current girlfriend, Joy — the mother of his toddler daughter, Sklyar — is known publicly as his “wife.” Bennett said, “Joy lives in a 16-bedroom mansion and her daughter wears mink coats and Seven jeans, and my son doesn’t have boots to wear in the winter.”

Mediaoutrage– So at $4,500 a month that’s $54,000 a year from child support. Interesting. SMH at Pagesix posting a picture of Baby instead of Mario Winans lmao!

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