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Prodigy explains again how the cops tried to get him to set up 50 Cent

Posted by Media Outrage on December 15, 2007


Prodigy told SOHH about dirty cops that tried to get him to set 50 Cent up in return for his freedom. (SMH we know this kind of illegal abuse of authority takes place all of the time)

On January 9th Prodigy will begin serving a three-and-a-half year jail sentence for weapons charges.

“The cops did something illegal man, it needs to be known. In my case, they just searched my car without asking because they felt like they had the power to do that I guess. And they did it. They found a little gun in my car and they locked us up, locked me and (Alchemist) up. 

And then, on top of that, while I’m in there they’re tellin’ me ‘We’ll rip up your arrest sheet, we’ll rip up the arrest report and let you and your friend walk right now and forget this ever happened if you help us set 50 Cent up

These n*ggas is foul man, they real foul. They’ll make up sh*t and make their case stick. Then it’s your word against the cop’s word. Who’s the grand jury gonna believe? Some rapper that raps about guns and violent stuff that they don’t understand … or are they gonna believe the friendly neighborhood officer?”

And people wonder why some people don’t like or trust cops.

But props to Prodigy for not folding and setting up Fiddy.


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