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Took Them Stacks And Ran: $8 billion of Them

Posted by Media Outrage on February 19, 2009


These thieves are thick as hell. R. Allen Stanford is being accused of stealing more than $8 billion in a scam. Smh @ this level of thievery during an economic crisis.

Via Yahoo:

Being a Texas billionaire who loved cricket should’ve raised some red flags immediately. Now Robert Allen Stanford may be charged as the newest scam artist on the financial block…once the Securities and Exchange Commission finds him.

Not that Searchers haven’t been looking for the money manager themselves. Queries for “allen stanford” (also known—and misspelled—online as “robert allen stanford,” “r allen stanford,” “sir alan stanford,” and the like) popped up into the top 5,000 searches after a “caravan” of feds drove up February 17 and took over the headquarters of his financial services company, the Stanford Group, under charges of old-fashioned fraud.

Sir Stanford, however, wasn’t there to hand over the keys and to face charges, although his cohorts were. His whereabouts were unknown. One report says he tried to hire a private jet to fly to his Caribbean home but ignominiously failed due to a rejected credit card. It appears only wire transfers are acceptable from sweaty-palmed financiers. Read the rest of this entry »

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