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Sexual Chocolate

Posted by Media Outrage on June 30, 2009

Idris Elba m

Idris Elba who seems to epitomize every woman’s definition of sexual chocolate,  was at Mr. Chow Sunday night for one of the many BET Awards after parties.  Ladies if you had one date with him, where would you go and what would you do??  Keep it PG because you know the kiddies read this site lol.  Raven Symone, Teyana Taylor, Vivica Fox, Kym Whitley and Lisa Raye’s sexy ass when you

Raven Symone lKymWhitleyIdrisElbaLisaRayeStephenHillVivica Fox tTeyanaTaylorRavenSymone

Idris Elba m1KeeshaJohnsonKymWhitleyIdrisElbaLisaRayeStephenHill1

10 Responses to “Sexual Chocolate”

  1. MissTX85 said

    My house the whole night.

  2. Tia said

    awww yes!! Idris is my future baby daddy!!! it doesn’t matter where we go or what we do…as long as he come home wit me at the end of the night…i’ll make sure to use all my best tricks on him…he’ll be screamin “Tiaaaaaaaaa!” all night long!! believe dat…know dat!! lol

  3. MizzMimi said

    it don’t matter where we go or what we do as long as i can stare at him and listen to him talk with that sexy ass accent

  4. Yeah I Said It said

    I would go to the morgue and cut his head off to disconnect it from his body and take the body on a date to my favorite seafood restaurant.

  5. ucanb2 said


  6. Professor X said

    Sexual chocolate indeed. And we are both British. Well, I would take him to…oops…gotta go…I hear hubby coming. BRB…

  7. MoneAlicia said

    (Jodeci style) Oooh yeah!

  8. MoneAlicia said

    Professor X, ur British too. Hello family. I’m Jamaican. We’re cousins.

  9. maliamalia loves MO!!! said

    lol @ Yeah I Said It Says and Professor X

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