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Mediaoutrage Chats With Professional Industry Make-Up Artist Asha Campbell

Posted by Media Outrage on August 14, 2009

me and janine had the opportunity to chat with professional make-up artist and owner/founder of Double Take Make Up Artistry, Asha Campbell.  Asha has done plenty of work in the entertainment and bridal industries.  She is an example of a highly motivated and intelligent sista who transformed passion and expertise into profit.  Being that we constantly posts celebrities that seem to lack basic make-up application knowledge, we decided to reach out to someone who specializes in getting pretty.  She is captured in action in the picture above.  Asha shared some interesting tips and information below. 

“I look different, and I love it!” This is often the response I get from my artistry.  I carefully study the subject before me, observing all the details of her face.  I see what features jump out at me first and make a mental note of it.  As I’m applying skin care products, I’m observing of the texture of the skin, the shape of the eyes, the height of the cheek bones and any variation in skin tone.  All of these details play a huge part in the types of products that I choose for each client. Read the rest of this entry »

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What It Really Means When She Says “Honey I Need Space”

Posted by Media Outrage on August 13, 2009


Men and women both come equipped with some serious game.  The world according to women, would have you believe that men are the only ones playing mad games, when it’s women out here with more game than Magic and Worthy on a fast-break. 

We’ve all heard the following words “hey honey it’s me…not you…I just need a little space apart to re-evaluate our relationship and improve as a person.”  Fellas when your woman hits you with that, you should smack her in the grill piece with the same shovel you’re going to need to dig through that sista’s bullshyte. Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Eat Your Woman’s P*ssy So Good That She Starts Speaking Ancient Hebrew

Posted by Media Outrage on August 10, 2009


We already told the ladies how to give their men proper fellatio, so good that their toes play hop-scotch.  Well now, as promised, we’re back with the tutoring guide for all those men lacking in the p*ssy eating department, and we know it’s a lot of you muthaf*kas! 

There are some men that walk around thinking, that if they just keep their woman laced in the flyest ish, like, Gucci, Prada, Coach and keep their hair did (yes we said hair did), nails done, toes painted, and in all types of sparkling stones, that they’ve got it made in the relationship shade.  Uh, gotta give you a big NO on that one.  Women, like, men, are very sensual creatures.  They like to be loved, talked to, caressed, held and f**ked so hard from the back, that they need a spinal replacement.  But what women really love, is to see their man hit their knees and wrap her thighs around his shaven head.

So lets get into the appropriate way to eat the smushy!  Follow us on in here…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Should The Law Mind Their Own Damn Business and Let Parents Spank Their Kids??

Posted by Media Outrage on July 31, 2009


If you are black, it’s most likely that you’ve had your ass whooped!  We’re not talking about the beating you took from Raphique down the block because your b*tch ass lacks knuckle game.  We’re speaking of the ones you received at home, in the groccery store, in church, bible study, the mall, your aunt and uncle’s house, the backyard and damn sure at the Family reunion from your Loving Parents or Parent!

Every child does some stupid shyte sometimes that calls for a stern look and swift hand around-a-belt applied to that azz!  Black kids for decades have known NOT to ever try and EMBARRASS their parents by acting up in a store or public venue, because they know the discipline would be swift and severe enough, to indoctrinate their thinking to NEVER EVER do that sh*t again. Read the rest of this entry »

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Reader: “Hey MO You Guys Are Just Too Ignorant For My Taste”

Posted by Media Outrage on July 22, 2009


We enjoy doing what we do.  Let us repeat that.  We enjoy doing what we do.  We really enjoy doing what we do. 

Okay, now that we’ve stated that let’s get into the reason for this post.  We love getting emails from our readers.  We get quite a few throughout the course of a day.  We get the ones telling us about news we might have missed that should be reported.  We get the ones telling us that they read the site and Love It!  We also get the ones from frustrated, angry readers that want to leave us with a piece of their minds.  Ah! Gotta Love those also!  You will find one when you Read the rest of this entry »

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How To Suck Yo Man’s Penis The Right Way And Make Him See Ghandi!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on July 15, 2009


Many relationships suffer because one mate is not being pleased in the bedroom.  It takes more than good sex to keep a man’s attention from straying.  Yes, there is that age old cliche, that says “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  Well we’re here to tell you that not only is that not true but it’s complete bullshyte!  The way to a man’s heart, money, cars and that coveted ENGAGEMENT RING, is through his damn Love Tool.  Ladies, simple and plain, you must suck his Dick like you have leukemia and his sperm is the cure for Cancer! Read the rest of this entry »

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How Twitter can end your music career

Posted by Media Outrage on April 17, 2009


With the advancement of social media, like Myspace, YouTube, Facebook and the latest rave, Twitter, artist are more in touch with their fans than ever before.  This might not work to their benefit though.  To find out what we’re talking about and experience a great read, CLICK HERE.

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It’s never that bad

Posted by Media Outrage on September 13, 2008

Everyday we wake up is another opportuninty to be tremendously thankful for the many blessings in our lives. Someone may be saying to themselves right now ‘I don’t know what they’re talking about, because my life is a mess. I owe bills I’m far from happy, don’t have the job I want, the mate I want, the car I want, enough money to make ends meet, and emotionally I’m just tore up’. Even still with all of that being your current state of mind you still woke up today with an opportunity to first say thank you and then use your abilities and energy to change those circumstances.

For those who live in the United States. We should never wake up ungrateful. What we classify as poverty here in this great country is considered luxury in certain third world countries. You have running water, air condition, heat, homes, apartments, vehicles, jobs, healthcare, a democratic government, and best of all limitless educational institutions. There are third world countries in which people live in huts with dirt for floors, have no running water, vaccines for disease, healthcare, vehicles, right to participate in any religion they choose, and live under dictatorship. They do not have the luxury of getting an education. There are no teachers, institutions of learning, hospitals, or other foundations set up with the sole purpose of providing assistance to it’s citizens. And we dare complain? Read the rest of this entry »

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Pure comedy

Posted by Media Outrage on May 30, 2008

Once again FoxNews seems to have a problem with Reverends/Priest/Ministers/People/Black People/Any Color People/Talking Parrots/Government Officials/Aliens who know English and anyone else who dares to show they have BIG GIANT BALLS by speaking the unadulterated truth. In this segment of FoxNews hate, they have now begun running a (bull sh*t ass) clip of Father Michael Pfleger (A white Priest who happens to be friends with Sen. Barack Obama-Key words- happens to be friends with Sen. Barack Obama) speaking the truth in the same pulpit that Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke the TRUTH in and he imitated Hillary Clinton so now he’s evil. Funny how this same FoxNews nor any other major media outlets are making a big deal out of Liz Trotta’s hateful language in which she suggested in a supposed joke, that someone assassinate Sen. Barack Obama. Hmm doesn’t make sense to you either does it? One guy speaks truth in a pulpit and jokingly imitates Hilary Clinton and it’s all over the news, but another lady who happens to be a seasoned FoxNews analyst jokingly suggest someone kill a man running for the highest office in this country and…..crickets…… All we can do is laugh. Read the rest of this entry »

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To our readers…..

Posted by Media Outrage on May 19, 2008

Goodmorning all! We just wanted to announce for those of our readers that do not know how to upload an image by your comments, simply go to and enter an email address with a user name (They will walk you through it) and upload any image you choose, (yall don’t trip out and choose something crazy lol) and when you leave comments your image will pop up next to your message as W2m, B.Price, Dickwell Thrust (who is off the chain), Sweetthang and a few others’ does. So Lai’Lani, Kristina (you might have already done it), Lio, BeachChick, Pinkies08, Cupcake, Monie, Rick, Destini, Monet Mosee, Terrence, Yasmine T. girl you know we can’t forget you! and all of the rest of you (we can’t name all of you it would take all week lol) hit up Gravatar and choose your image so you can interact with the growing Mediaoutrage community which by the way we must say is one of the livest communities out here period! Yall keep it live on here for real with your intelligent, hilarious, witty, disgusting, disrespectful (lol), interesting comments and opinions. But we love it! Keep it coming cause cats are watching yall and talking too.

Oh and shout out to the other DOPE SITES that interact with us and shout us out we really appreciate you BlackCelebrityKids, Fresh&Fab, ReppingBeantown, NotEnoughRealMen, The E-Biz, Highbridnation, and NecoleBitchie. Oh and if you are wondering who’s picture that is at the top, our loyal reader Krystal sent that to us the other day so we decided to represent her for checking us out and hitting us with emails and info on a daily basis. Thanks Krystal! Oh yea and another reader hit us with a sketch of a Mediaoutrage T-Shirt which was mad flattering and kind of hot if we must say so lol. We told her when she gets it made to send us the picture and we will post it. Thanks for all of the love yall we really appreciate it and are soaking it up! Oh what’s up to loyal reader Monae Mosee! And special shout out to Victoria, and our girl Kiaira! We appreciate the love girl! So we just had to take the time to drop that info on you guys who are the reason why M.O. as you so lovingly refer to us is one of the fastest growing blogs/sites out here so definitely give yourselves a pat on the back, hand clap, kudos, day off from work, and champaign toast for that and keep spreading the word cause like we said “They’re” definitely watching you……

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