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There’s Just Some Sh*t You Shouldn’t Do!

Posted by Media Outrage on January 27, 2010

Off the chain. SMH.  Click Here.

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America has never been ready

Posted by Media Outrage on February 9, 2008

Barack Obama

There are certain statements that when made really can irritate our ears because they just don’t make real sense. 50’s recent comment about America not being ready for a black president are now at the top of our list. Here’s why that statement that we hear a lot from our own people no longer holds weight and is probably just an excuse or psychological manifestation of one’s own fear and very present slave mentality.

Let’s examine this statement that every one and they mamma has heard since Obama announced that he was running for the highest office in the land. We want to first say that America has never been ready. America was not ready to abolish the very lucrative and extremely inhumane African Slave Trade, but they did and it still continued. America definitely wasn’t ready to stand behind the Emancipation Proclimation but they did and our people were still held in bondage. America wasn’t ready to allow us to vote, be educated, integrate schools, own land, realestate, or ride at the front of a bus but they did and do you know why? Because our people sacrificed their lives and fought with every bit of their beings to be equal which by the way is every individual’s God Given Right. America wasn’t ready to stop the lynchings, fire bombing of our churches, houses and schools but they did because we fought for change. America wasn’t ready to issue us our civil rights but Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evans, and many more laid down their lives to attain it. So it just gets beside us when we hear our own people say ‘America isn’t ready for a Black President’ and ‘they would kill him or her’ well for the leader of any nation the threat of violence is significantly higher than the normal citizen but we can’t allow fear to cripple us from pursuing our goals and passions. America wasn’t ready to give women the right to vote and now Hillary Clinton is running for President of the United States. Change. So step out of that box that was molded for you and remember that just 40-50 years ago things were a whole lot different for us but look at things now because of change. America wasn’t ready for Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Jessie Owens, Marion Anderson, Oprah and a whole long list of others but they made it and took it period. So let’s stop making that senseless, powerless, and super ignorant statement about a ‘Black President’. Remember Fear cripples and Faith heals. Bottom line you shouldn’t give a damn if America is ready or not.

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Rihanna Vs Beyonce??? stop the nonsense

Posted by Media Outrage on February 7, 2008


Ok we had to address this ridiculous nonstop comparison of Beyonce and Rihanna. We have received a lot of emails asking who we think is better? Are you even serious when you form your lips or send brain signals to your fingers to type some crazy nonsense like that??? We like Rihanna she is starting to come into her own but let us say THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON AT ALL!!!

Beyonce can sing her behind off!!! Rihanna can’t!!! Beyonce has the looks department sowed up!!! Rihanna needs to eat some more. But just to even question their talent and then attempt to compare??? You must be NUTS!!! The media has started to really embrace Rihanna and she is enjoying her little blow up stage of fame and possibly turning into a superstar with STAYING POWER. Those last two words are what people need to pay attention to. Alicia Keys has it. Beyonce has it. RiRi has to still prove herself and not to mention get a damn voice coach quick!

So who’s a bigger superstar??? Come on we know Beyonce right now is the biggest female superstar besides Madonna and wack ass Britney Spears. Now if you people would have asked us to compare Ashanti and Rihanna then that would have been a more evenly matched debate and comparison, but you can’t dare compare a mega star like B who has not only the BEAUTY but also the TALENT TALENT TALENT TALENT to match. You name a girl in the game that can out sing her. Ok Jennifer Hudson is comparable but other than that vocal skills not even Alicia Keys can match up. Yes and we love Alicia but Beyonce has a better voice way more melodious. So our answer HELL NO RIHANNA IS NOT EVEN IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS B WHEN IT COMES TO TALENT, LOOKS, FANS, ENDORSEMENTS, ALBUM SALES, AND THE LIST COULD JUST KEEP ON GOING BUT like we said before we like Rihanna but the media is doing their best to turn her into the next something but unless she trades vocal cords with the likes of Jennifer Holiday, Mariah Carey, or a pre-crack Whitney Houston she and the rest of you RiRi daydreamers can Forget About It. But don’t take our word go to YouTube and check out a Beyonce live concert and then check out a Rihanna Live concert. SMH at the mere thought.

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