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Tracy Morgan: “I’m Quite Sure Adam F*cked Eve In The Ass…In the Garden Of Eden He Tore Her Ass Up And She Was Screaming Like A Motherf**ker”

Posted by Media Outrage on October 25, 2009

Tracy Morgan g

Tracy Morgan is beyond off-the-chain.  The things this guys comes up with are just pure comedy.  Peep what he had to say about loving to give it to a woman up the butt-hole…. Read the rest of this entry »

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Will Smith: “The Only Thing Distinctly Different About Me, Is I’m Willing To DIE on a Treadmill”

Posted by Media Outrage on August 5, 2009


Will Smith is one of the most positive brothers in Hollywood.  His perception and work ethic are very interesting.  We had to show a video of him on Talvis Smiley talking about what sets him apart.  You have to peep it by clicking here.

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Uncle Luke: “I Wasn’t Arrested For Owing Child Support”

Posted by Media Outrage on February 20, 2009

Uncle Luke

Uncle Luke is clearing up the reports that say he was arrested for owing more than $10,000 in child support. He says he owed the $10,000 for his baby moms attorney fees not child support.

Via Eurweb:
The story in yesterday’s Miami Herald gives a false impression about my arrest on Tuesday.  The arrest had nothing to do with “allegedly owing” over ten thousand dollars in a child support case.  I have acknowledged that I am the father of the child in question and I am fully up to date on his child support. Read the rest of this entry »

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Quote of the day

Posted by Media Outrage on December 5, 2008


Even with only a month or so remaining as President of the United States, George W. is still telling these outrageous lies to the American people. Peep below….

Via Yahoo:

“In a world where terrorists armed with boxcutters had just killed nearly 3,000 people, America had to decide whether we could tolerate a sworn enemy that acted belligerently, that supported terror and that intelligence agencies around the world believed had weapons of mass destruction,” Bush said, referring to intelligence reports that later proved false. Read the rest of this entry »

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Quote of the day

Posted by Media Outrage on September 23, 2008

Coco took a little bit of time out of her busy schedule to speak exclusively with Mediaoutrage and had some funny and interesting things to say to us. We conducted an interview with both Coco and Ice-T and will just share a funny quote from Coco today and post the interview at a later date for you.

M.O.: Do you get a lot of weird messages on

Coco: Yes, they’ll start out like ‘You’re the rose pedal of this Earth and the Godess of the World’ and switch to ‘Can I F**k you in the ASS?’. (she laughs) They get so sexual and so off the wall knowing that they would never say something like that to my face”

Mediaoutrage– Once again we will post the interview with her and Ice at a later date and believe us it was very entertaining lol. We’re sure there are a whole lot of men out there that would love to F**k her in the ass lol we’re just saying though….

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Quote of the day

Posted by Media Outrage on July 29, 2008

Actress Sanaa Lathan recently spoke to about her career and had some interesting things to say….

Via Rollingout:

“I don’t have any roles that I wish I would’ve taken,” she says firmly. “I have been very careful about the [projects] I get involved in because I really believe that it’s my responsibility to put out things in the world that are uplifting and that I [can be] proud of.” “Regardless of what the outcome has been with the projects I’ve taken, at least I’m proud of my intentions going into them,” she adds.

“You may look at other peoples lives and think that it’s easy and they’ve been luckier than you,” she says. “[But] know that [even though] magazines and television shows paint a picture that [says] this person’s life is easy — everybody has a struggle. Keep your eyes on your path and your road, and look at the blessings in your life and you will be able to overcome your struggles — more so than if you’re constantly comparing yourself.”

“I think that it’s such an honor to do what I do, I feel very grateful,” she says. “I feel that what I do is in the service of the people who share in what I do. I never think of it as a chore — it’s really a blessing for me. I feel really grateful that I am able to do something that I love and get paid for it. That’s the greatest gift in the world.”

Mediaoutrage– Such a class act and extremely intelligent. To read more of the article and some of Sanaa’s thoughts head on over to Rollingout.

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Floyd Mayweather tells how many millions he’ll make this year

Posted by Media Outrage on March 29, 2008

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather who is never short on confidence had this to say today on Espn….

“I will make $170million this year outside of boxing, without an endorsement deal. Mayweather promotions is the past, present, and future of sports Entertainment.”

To see what Mayweather earned last year click here.

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No such thing as ‘Nappy’ hair!

Posted by Media Outrage on March 8, 2008


We here at Mediaoutrage enjoy entertaining you day in and day out while feeding you the latest in celebrity gossip and news, but we promised ourselves that we would also attempt to inform and educate. Nothing wrong with having a great time and laughing but sometimes it’s just important to highlight the ignorance.

We appreciate and read all of the comments left on this site every day, so there is nothing that gets by us, trust that. We noticed a few comments left under a Beyonce and Jay-Z article (read the comments under) and we decided to express some of our honest thoughts, but not just because of the comments, but because we hear this ignorant term used every day.

We want to say in reference to the texture of African American hair that there is no such thing as ‘nappy’. We googled the word ‘nappy‘ and a lot of pictures popped up. We went to webster and looked up the definition of ‘nappy‘ and this is what they had to say: 1. Said especially of the hair of blacks and used derogatorily or contemptuously.

Black people’s hair is naturally curly and grows in coils from the roots. That is why we are able to grow afros and produce that spring effect. The word ‘nappy’ was assigned during the slave era as a badge of degradation, just like the word ‘nigger’, ‘coon’, and countless other demeaning monikers. To refer to your hair or your brother or sister’s hair as nappy insinuates that you are ashamed of who you are and what you were born with. Saying something in a jokingly manner but not believing it is totally different then saying something and believing it. We are saying that to say that there are a lot of black people that use this ignorant terminology in everyday conversation and really feel this way then that is a problem. Thinking that having straight hair is better than what you were born with, puts you on a lower level than those with straight hair right??? We understand why black women straighten their hair and that’s cool because that is their choice to rock whatever style they like. But when we hear people say ‘he has that good hair’ because he’s black and happens to have straight and wavy hair it speaks ignorance extremely loud. But if his hair is tightly curled which a lot of us would describe as ‘peasy’ or ‘nappy’ then he has bad hair??? These are the effects of being enslaved for hundreds of years and taught that you were 3/5ths of a human being, property, dumb, animals, ‘niggers’, slaves, and many more degrading things. So we in turn carry this slave (less than) mentality on and teach it to our children by using these terrible descriptions of our natural features. It’s a bad thing in our society to be too ‘dark’ (ignorance). Being ‘too’ dark is just possessing an abundance of melanin that is actually a blessing that has never been taught on (we wonder why?). Why hasn’t Oprah done a teaching on the benefits of melanin on one of her 100,000 shows with Dr. OZ on the human body and health? Don’t want to give blacks any ammunition to combat ignorance and promote self esteem (Not directed at Oprah but in general).

Now once again we love to have a great time and on this site you will read language that seems ignorant, disrespectful, offensive, and every other non positive meaning that you can think of lol lol because this is entertainment and no we are not on some black power trip either but just wanted to post something from the heart that would be informative and because we felt like it.

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Vivica Fox speaks about the gossip blogs

Posted by Media Outrage on February 26, 2008

Vivica Fox

Vivica A. Fox was interviewed by eurweb and had this to say about some of the very hurtful rumors, lies and things that some of the gossip blogs constantly write about her.

“I wish wasn’t so tabloidish so scandalous, I don’t know how I became the queen of a little bit of scandal. It’s part of the business. One thing I’d like to say to people who put out false lies about Vivica Fox, is I have a mother, I have a father, and I have brothers and I have sisters, friends and family. Just do your research. I’m the type of chick that if I’ve done something wrong, I’ll own up to it cause I ain’t perfect, I’m the kind I might fall down on my face and I’ll dust it off and say I’m sorry and keep it moving. But some of the things that people say about me they’re just malicious and it effects more than just me. Sometimes you got to learn to laugh at life, you got to know that that internet is a vesicle of satan, that it’s evil, that there are haters in the world and that’s all they got to do in the world is sit in front of a computer and pick you apart. That’s what they got to do and they don’t sign my check , I don’t care it is what it is and negativity sells.”

Well spoken Auntie Vivica! We try not to be malicious and if we ever do come off as malicious most likely it’s about real news like when something blatantly racist happens or something just crazy. It’s just entertainment and jokes and we try not to make up ANYTHING ON ANYBODY!  To listen to the interview click here.

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Quote of the day

Posted by Media Outrage on February 21, 2008

Jada Kiss

“N*gga’s is garbage. The game is f*cked up … a bunch of ring tone, tight-pants-wearing motherf*ckrs. I’m just doin’ me. The music is f*cking garbage, man.”

Speaking on Jay-Z’s departure from Def Jam…..

“He tried his hand for a few years, he raped the budget, he got however much they was paying him and he stepped down. He got his masters, he doin’ his thing. 40/40’s in Vegas and all that, hotels, he good.”


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