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Marilyn Monroe Pics Sold For Nearly $150,000

Posted by Media Outrage on December 18, 2008


It’s a known fact that most superstars earn a fortune after they’re dead, just think Elvis. Well following in that tradition some photos of Marilyn Monroe’s photo shoot with Vogue Magazine the year she died have been auctioned off and sold for $146,500. The 36 photos sold were the last professional images taken of her and apart of the 1962 shoot before she died of a drug overdose that year.

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Marilyn Monroe caught on her knees

Posted by Media Outrage on April 14, 2008

Marilyn Monroe was captured on film on her knees pleasing an unidentified man.

Via Reuters:

A 15-minute film of Marilyn Monroe engaging in oral sex with an unidentified man will be kept from public view by a New York businessman who has bought it for $1.5 million, the broker of the deal said on Monday.

Memorabilia collector Keya Morgan said he recently arranged the sale of the silent, black-and-white film from the son of a dead FBI informant who possessed it to a wealthy Manhattan businessman who wants to protect Monroe’s privacy.

“The gentleman who bought it said out respect for Marilyn he’s not going to make a joke of it and put it on the Internet and try to exploit her,” said memorabilia collector Keya Morgan. “That’s not his intention and I would never get my name involved if that were to happen.”

Monroe is clothed and the man’s head remains out of the frame for the entire 15 minutes of the film, said Morgan, who watched it.

Mediaoutrage– Sex tapes back then wow. So even before cell phone cameras no one was safe because some cats were hooking up the big ass projector and hiding it behind some encyclopedias and smiling at the lens while throwing thumbs up. To read the entire article on Marilyn on her knees click here.

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