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No such thing as ‘Nappy’ hair!

Posted by Media Outrage on March 8, 2008


We here at Mediaoutrage enjoy entertaining you day in and day out while feeding you the latest in celebrity gossip and news, but we promised ourselves that we would also attempt to inform and educate. Nothing wrong with having a great time and laughing but sometimes it’s just important to highlight the ignorance.

We appreciate and read all of the comments left on this site every day, so there is nothing that gets by us, trust that. We noticed a few comments left under a Beyonce and Jay-Z article (read the comments under) and we decided to express some of our honest thoughts, but not just because of the comments, but because we hear this ignorant term used every day.

We want to say in reference to the texture of African American hair that there is no such thing as ‘nappy’. We googled the word ‘nappy‘ and a lot of pictures popped up. We went to webster and looked up the definition of ‘nappy‘ and this is what they had to say: 1. Said especially of the hair of blacks and used derogatorily or contemptuously.

Black people’s hair is naturally curly and grows in coils from the roots. That is why we are able to grow afros and produce that spring effect. The word ‘nappy’ was assigned during the slave era as a badge of degradation, just like the word ‘nigger’, ‘coon’, and countless other demeaning monikers. To refer to your hair or your brother or sister’s hair as nappy insinuates that you are ashamed of who you are and what you were born with. Saying something in a jokingly manner but not believing it is totally different then saying something and believing it. We are saying that to say that there are a lot of black people that use this ignorant terminology in everyday conversation and really feel this way then that is a problem. Thinking that having straight hair is better than what you were born with, puts you on a lower level than those with straight hair right??? We understand why black women straighten their hair and that’s cool because that is their choice to rock whatever style they like. But when we hear people say ‘he has that good hair’ because he’s black and happens to have straight and wavy hair it speaks ignorance extremely loud. But if his hair is tightly curled which a lot of us would describe as ‘peasy’ or ‘nappy’ then he has bad hair??? These are the effects of being enslaved for hundreds of years and taught that you were 3/5ths of a human being, property, dumb, animals, ‘niggers’, slaves, and many more degrading things. So we in turn carry this slave (less than) mentality on and teach it to our children by using these terrible descriptions of our natural features. It’s a bad thing in our society to be too ‘dark’ (ignorance). Being ‘too’ dark is just possessing an abundance of melanin that is actually a blessing that has never been taught on (we wonder why?). Why hasn’t Oprah done a teaching on the benefits of melanin on one of her 100,000 shows with Dr. OZ on the human body and health? Don’t want to give blacks any ammunition to combat ignorance and promote self esteem (Not directed at Oprah but in general).

Now once again we love to have a great time and on this site you will read language that seems ignorant, disrespectful, offensive, and every other non positive meaning that you can think of lol lol because this is entertainment and no we are not on some black power trip either but just wanted to post something from the heart that would be informative and because we felt like it.

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