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there’s a big ass bolt of lightning with his name on it

Posted by Media Outrage on September 20, 2008

All we can say is that this guy is totally out of control and needs to be sedated before he grabs his palm recorder and starts going the hell off. Anyone attending his church needs to vacate immediately because we won’t be surprised to see the whole building get hit with a meteor with his name on it. For other crazy James Manning rants click here and here and here

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He’s gonna bust torment wide open

Posted by Media Outrage on April 1, 2008

SMH. Pastor James David ManningĀ  and we use that word very loosely, was a guest on Foxnews last week and continued his indefatigable streak of ignorance. Somebody just needs to organize a national prayer service and stand in the gap for him, because any day now we’re expecting to watch one of his videos and see him either get struck with the biggest bolt of lightning known to man or just combust into pure flames.

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Crazy Pastor riding on Obama part 2

Posted by Media Outrage on March 21, 2008

Thanks to one of our readers Rob for posting this youtube link in the comments section. We just had to post another video clip of the ignorant and extremely racist James David Manning of Atlah Ministries in Harlem, NY just posting the location and city just in case you ever get stranded in the vicinity you know not to wonder in that cult because you never know when their space ship is going to be finished loading fuel and take off. He is a Pastor/supposed man of GOD/self-proclaimed prophet/Escapee from Arkum Asylum. In this video he once again rides on Barack Obama and calls him ‘White Trash‘ repeatedly, it’s beyond redundant. In this video he has once again revealed that not only does he refuse to take his daily prescribed medicine, but that he doesn’t realize there’s a microphone that he’s screaming into and must think that the camera will only pick up his delusional rants and not his voice, so thus the uncontrolled scream fest. One question, if he is a pastor for real and he has the love of GOD in him then you shouldn’t judge folk nor call them white trash right? Now he’s a supposed prophet of GOD (SMH) and he’s saying that all white people are trash??? Where is that in the bible that Jesus tells you to ride on another race??? Second question, if this is a cult Church when does he ever teach from the bible??? He also attacks most black men by saying that they don’t take care of there families. His words… “You have no honor. You make babies like Aunt Jemima makes biscuits.” Can’t stop Shaking My Head.

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Crazy pastor riding on Obama

Posted by Media Outrage on February 20, 2008

We are convinced that this man is crazy. We feel for his congregation if he has one. This just looks like a cult if you really watch this video. Like if you want to be a preacher and people decide to listen to this comedy then so be it but all we’re saying is take your medicine before you turn the palm recorder on and start screaming. SMH at his 13 members just standing there. What kind of a Preacher/Pastor/Man of GOD/Christian says the following to his followers and sheep???

He is speaking about the word being in his mouth not in your hands….

“It’s not in your hands, it’s in my mouth, and I don’t have to compromise with not one of you NAPPY headed people.”

Speaking about black people’s disloyalty to Bill and Hillary Clinton…..(Is this guy serious?) And he supposedly has a PhD. We’d take advice from a blind wolf first.

“Well I’m not in favor of Bill Clinton, but if a man has done for you as much as Bill Clinton has and then for you to trash him makes you less than a maggot.”

There’s more!

Speaking about the first time he heard Obama’s name on the shirt of a heavy chested woman with an Obama shirt on….

“That’s the first time I saw it on two great big ole TITS.”

SMH there’s more…

Speaking about Obama not being %100 black….

“His African in heat father went a whoring after a trashy white woman, I didn’t trash him he was born trash.”

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