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Pele hates on David Beckham!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 8, 2007


First of all we want to say this….we have still yet to understand what all of the hype is about this guy. Like they are blowing this guy up on tv him and his stupid wife. Like Tom Cruise and Will Smith are throwing Welcome To Hollywood” parties for the Beckhams like who gives a crap about him or his wife??? We are not into soccer or anything but from what we have followed he has yet to really produce any real numbers that would match and explain the Media, Will Smith, and Tom Cruise Jockriding.

Like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant received a lot of hype. Especially LeBron but this guy has proven every bit of it and some. If somebody doesn’t hurry up and injure him and send him to rehab in Colorado and plant a white girl in his room that will cry rape after she just finished getting her brains banged out 3 days straight without changing her draws (nasty wh*re) and washing the 3 men’s genetic material out of them… then this guy is on his way to breaking every record in the NBA and possibly winning more championships than Jordan and Magic.

Ok back to this loser Beckham.

Pele believes American fans were misled about what David Beckham could bring to Major League Soccer.

Amid great fanfare, the former England captain signed a five-year, $32.5 million deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy and was unveiled in July. But his greatest impact this season has been on ticket sales and merchandise, not on the field.

They announced him as a scorer of goals,” Pele told The Associated Press. “He isn’t a goal scorer. That was a mistake.”

In response to Pele’s hate (truth) Beckham said….

everybody in the world knows I’m not a goal scorer.”

The Galaxy wouldn’t have come out and said that,” Beckham said. “Like I said, everyone has got their own opinions. Pele is a great player and a great ambassador for the game.”

Beckham basically is saying shut up ol man it’s my time now…


Beckham wants to be the star and that’s his big problem,” Pele said, referring to Beckham’s injuries. “It is not easy to play in American soccer, because it is very tough.” He is basically saying you’re here now you wanted this so man up and stop acting like a beeeeyoooooootch! I had it way worse pal! I wasn’t earning millions and i was ugly? You got it good. Chicks love you and you got Tom “Jump on a nuccas couch” Cruise and Will “I ain’t been black since fresh prince” Smith endorsing you! SMH.


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