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Ludacris and Bill O’Reilly Squash Long Term Beef

Posted by Media Outrage on March 11, 2010

Bill O’Reilly and Ludacris have finally put aside their differences of the past seven years.  Bill O’Reilly criticized Luda’s lyrics and got him dropped from his Pepsi endorsement.  Peep game… Read the rest of this entry »

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Bill O’Reilly Talks About Jay-Z & Jeezy

Posted by Media Outrage on January 26, 2009

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Barack Obama on Bill O’Reilly Pt. 2

Posted by Media Outrage on September 16, 2008

This is part two of this interview with Barack Obama and Bill O’Reilly. In this part they discuss the economy.

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Barack Obama on Bill O’Reilly

Posted by Media Outrage on September 16, 2008

Barack Obama sat down with resident racist Bill O’Reilly to rap about a few things.

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Pure comedy

Posted by Media Outrage on May 30, 2008

Once again FoxNews seems to have a problem with Reverends/Priest/Ministers/People/Black People/Any Color People/Talking Parrots/Government Officials/Aliens who know English and anyone else who dares to show they have BIG GIANT BALLS by speaking the unadulterated truth. In this segment of FoxNews hate, they have now begun running a (bull sh*t ass) clip of Father Michael Pfleger (A white Priest who happens to be friends with Sen. Barack Obama-Key words- happens to be friends with Sen. Barack Obama) speaking the truth in the same pulpit that Rev. Jeremiah Wright spoke the TRUTH in and he imitated Hillary Clinton so now he’s evil. Funny how this same FoxNews nor any other major media outlets are making a big deal out of Liz Trotta’s hateful language in which she suggested in a supposed joke, that someone assassinate Sen. Barack Obama. Hmm doesn’t make sense to you either does it? One guy speaks truth in a pulpit and jokingly imitates Hilary Clinton and it’s all over the news, but another lady who happens to be a seasoned FoxNews analyst jokingly suggest someone kill a man running for the highest office in this country and…..crickets…… All we can do is laugh. Read the rest of this entry »

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50: Oprah can suck on some d*ck

Posted by Media Outrage on April 21, 2008

This guy is bananas on all levels. One thing he’s not is boring. 50 spoke to MTV about a few things in an interview.

Via MTV:

Talking about Game’s album……

“I’mma wait a little, then I’m just gonna push his album back,” 50 told us last week of Game’s project. “I don’t think there’s anyone that would legitimately look at him like it’s a competition, him versus G-Unit. It just doesn’t make sense. I make money every time he releases an album. He signed a five-album deal. He’s only on album three.”

50 also said he was concerned that some knuckleheads might turn the Game-vs.-G-Unit battle into a West Coast/ East Coast situation.

50 touched on the criticism he received from Bill O’Reilly about his comments of America not being ready for a black president in a rap and he decided to take a shot at Oprah also….

“Bill O’Reilly called me ‘pinhead’ for saying that sh–,” Fif raps. “Well, him and Oprah Winfrey both can suck on some di–/ …

Mediaoutrage– You gotta laugh because he actually says some funny ish. He doesn’t give a f*ck who he totally disrespects. SMH. But the funny thing is, Oprah could take his fortune and wipe her azz with it. If she woke up and found out she was worth what he was worth, she’d probably call up Nelly and play the main video ho in the remix of “Drop Down and Get Your Eagle On” and give him her black card to swipe her butt cheeks with.

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Star Jones checks Bill O’Reilly’s racist remark

Posted by Media Outrage on February 28, 2008

Star Jones and Bill O’Reilly

Star Jones recently spoke out against racist FoxNews commentator Bill O’Reilly because of remarks that he made about Michelle Obama.

What Bill O’Racist said……

Bill O’Reilly was talking to a caller on his show about comments that Michelle Obama recently made stating that “For the first time in my adult life, I’m really proud of my country.” The caller was angered by her comments. Bill O’Racist then proceeded to add his KKK spin to it.

“I don’t want to go on a Lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there’s evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels. If that’s how she really feels- that is a bad country or flawed nation whatever- then that’s legit. We’ll track it down.”

Mediaoutrage- SMH at this guy he’s still gonna win MRMOYA. Most Racist Man Of The Year Award. He can just sit out the rest of the season because he’s winning by a landslide.

Star Jones response….

“I’m sick to death of people like Fox News host, Bill O’Reilly, and his ilk thinking that he can use a racial slur against a black woman who could be the next First Lady of the United States, give a half-assed apology and not be taken to task and called on his crap.

What the hell? If it’s ‘legit,’ you’re going to ‘track it down?’ And then what do you plan to do? How dare this white man with a microphone and the trust of the public think that in 2008, he can still put the words ‘lynch and party’ together in the same sentence with reference to a black woman; in this case, Michelle Obama? I don’t care how you ’spin it’ in the ‘no spin zone,’ that statement in and of itself is racist, unacceptable and inappropriate on every level.

O’Reilly claims his comments were taken out of context. Please don’t insult my intelligence while you’re insulting me. I’ve read the comments and heard them delivered in O’Reilly’s own voice; and there is no right context that exists. So, his insincere apology and “out-of-context” excuse is not going to cut it with me.

And just so we’re clear, this has nothing to do with the 2008 presidential election, me being a Democrat, him claiming to be Independent while talking Republican, the liberal media or a conservative point of view. To the contrary, this is about crossing a line in the sand that needs to be drawn based on history, dignity, taste and truth. Bill, I’m not sure of where you come from, but let me tell you what the phrase ‘lynching party’ conjures up to me, a black woman born in North Carolina . Those words depict the image of a group of white men who are angry with the state of the own lives getting together, drinking more than they need to drink, lamenting how some black person has moved forward (usually ahead of them in stature or dignity), and had the audacity to think that they are equal. These same men for years, instead of looking at what changes, should and could make in their own lives that might remove that bitterness born of perceived privilege, these white men take all of that resentment and anger and decide to get together and drag the closest black person near them to their death by hanging them from a tree — usually after violent beating, torturing and violating their human dignity. Check your history books, because you don’t need a masters or a law degree from Harvard to know that is what constitutes a ‘lynching party.’

To finish reading the letter click here.

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Common inks marketing deal with Lincoln!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 14, 2007


Sohh is reporting that Common has inked a one year deal to become the face of Lincoln.

Common recently signed a one year contract with the company after they ended their three year relationship with former NBA star Magic Johnson. According to Advertising Age Lincoln wanted to attract a younger, hipper audience.

Common will mainly plug the Lincoln Navigator luxury SUV in multi-media ads and events. According to multicultural marketing manager for Lincoln, Marc Perry, the car company is hoping Common will help Navigator overtake General Motors Corp.’s Cadillac Escalade as the most popular luxury SUV among African-Americans.

Common’s first national general-market ads will break on November 25 during Sunday Night Football on NBC, while magazine ads will run in February and other TV commercials will begin airing in early 2008.

Common got a brand new Navigator out of the deal, but no monetary specifics have been released.

Great job Common! Beautiful to see more and more mainstream corporations are realizing the true value of hip-hop on our culture as a whole. Hip-hop is fueling everything! From video games to style of dress, vernacular, and the way products are marketed. I mean let’s face it you guys deserve to sign multi million dollar endorsement deals, given the fact that you have made so many brands popular and inflated their worth a million times over. The mere mention of a champaign in a song and it is the most consumed period. We’re not going to even get into what hip-hop has done for clothing brands. Let’s just hope Bill O’Reilly doesn’t start hating. We all know how he believes someone in hip-hop is aiding and a bedding Bin Laden.


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State Rep Carla Dartez calls her black supporter BuckWeat!!! How racist is this!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 13, 2007

Carla Dartez

A state representative in a runoff election infuriated civil rights leaders after she ended a conversation with the mother of the NAACP’s local president by saying, “Talk to you later, Buckwheat.”

State Rep. Carla Blanchard Dartez, of Morgan City, acknowledged she made the remark during a Thursday night telephone conversation with Hazel Boykin to thank her for driving voters to the polls.

Buckwheat, a black child character in the “Little Rascals” comedies of the 1930s and ’40s, is viewed as a racial stereotype demeaning to black people.

I made an insensitive comment when speaking with Hazel Boykin, and I have apologized to the Boykin family and publicly for my choice of words,” Dartez said in a statement. “I have a strong record of fighting for issues important to the African American community; in fact, I have a 93 percent voting record with the Black Caucus.”

And she is still running??? She’s a racist. Between her, Kramer, Don Imus, Bill O’Reilly, Bill O’Reilly, Bill O’Reilly, Bill O’Reilly, and Dog Duane Chapman, soon they’re going to need to form a KKK-unit for public officials and celebrities. She needs a good A-Town stomping by Bishop Thomas Weeks right about now….


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Bill O’Reilly says comments are not racist…

Posted by Media Outrage on September 27, 2007

Bill O’Reilly

It’s difficult to keep up with this guy’s racist remarks that he makes on a daily basis. He and Imus must be related. I personally think O’Reilly is in competition with his own self to see if he can outdo himself. Like Chris Rock said “What does a person have to do to be racist these days??? Kill Medgar Evans???” Michael Richards you remember him Kramer from Seinfeld the comedian who had the “Look it’s a n*gger tirade” on stage. Of course we do.

From the looks of it every public official in Jena Louisiana is a racist, especially the D.A. Well anyway Bill O’Reilly has made more ridiculous racist comments. Here are some of them…. you be the judge….

On his September 19 radio show, O’Reilly said he took civil rights leader Al Sharpton to the Lenox Avenue fixture and “couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia’s Restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City.”

“I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by blacks, primarily black patronship,” he told listeners. “It was the same, and that’s really what this society’s all about now here in the U.S.A. There’s no difference.”

And later, speaking with National Public Radio correspondent and Fox analyst Juan Williams, O’Reilly said there “wasn’t any kind of craziness at all” during his dinner with Sharpton: “There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M.F.-er, I want more iced tea.’ “

“It was like going into an Italian restaurant in an all-white suburb in the sense that people were sitting there and they were ordering and just having fun,” he continued

“Anybody who listened to it … would, I think, have appreciated the discussion for being an exposition of why people are afraid not only of blacks but of everybody they don’t know,” he said.

Elsewhere in the September 19 program, O’Reilly said he was trying to reassure whites — such as his grandmother, whom he said had an “irrational fear” of blacks — that rap-star stereotypes of African-Americans “are not true.”

“This is what white America doesn’t know, particularly people who don’t have a lot of interaction with black Americans,” he said. “They think the culture is dominated by Twista, Ludacris and Snoop Dogg.”

Williams defended O’Reilly during O’Reilly’s Tuesday night show. He said portraying O’Reilly’s comments as racist was “rank dishonesty.”

“It’s outrageous, because the discussion we had was about how too often the images on TV are these rappers glorifying drugs, glorifying violence, degrading women,” Williams said.

But Suzan Johnson Cook, a former Clinton administration official, said O’Reilly sounded surprised that a black crowd was so civil.

“Was he expecting people to be jumping all over the place?” she said on CNN’s “Out in the Open” on Tuesday. “It’s very sad that, in 2007, a man who influences so many people, number one, has that kind of ignorance, who has not been exposed to our culture.”

In a written statement, Bill Shine, Fox’s vice president for programming, added, “This is nothing more than left-wing outlets stirring up false racism accusations for ratings. It’s sad.”

Yea sure pal…Bill Shine you get paid to say that… you probably have a few white sheets and white hoods in your closet too don’t ya??? Nathan Bedford (the man who founded the KKK) would be so proud of you guys…especially the District Attorney in Jena Louisiana, Reed Walters.

Certain stuff is so outrageous to the point that it could almost be comical. Bill O’Reilly has a personal crusade against Rap (which in his mind is the cause for everything bad in society) but in turn is a complete racist…

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