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Completely Off The Chain!

Posted by Media Outrage on February 11, 2010

Some people do the darndest things infront of kids, that leave us scratching our curly heads.  LOL!  Just peep game folks lol … Click Here.

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Fantasia’s wildin

Posted by Media Outrage on December 13, 2007


SMH. What can we say about this…hmmm nothing we’ll let you speak on it. Anyway Fantasia has completely ditched her role in Oprah’s Broadway play The Color Purple. She’s way beyond playing hookie.

Via Nypost:

Since summer, the occasional star of “The Color Purple” has missed nearly 50 performances, production sources say. Following a three-week vacation caused by the strike, she dropped last Friday’s performance, causing pandemonium in the lobby of the Broadway Theatre.

An 8-year-old girl sobbed uncontrollably when she heard Fantasia was not going to be in the show.

“It was very sad,” my lobby spy reports. “Her mother was trying to explain to her that Fantasia was sick, but the girl didn’t understand and just kept crying.”

A couple who had tickets that night asked the man at the box office how many performances Fantasia has missed.

“Fifty,” he sighed.

“Fifty!” exclaimed the woman, startling everybody on the refund line.

(Broadway’s rule of thumb: If the star’s out, you can either exchange your tickets for another day or get a refund.)

Fantasia’s absences have wreaked havoc at the box office. When she took over the role of Celie last April from Tony winner LaChanze – hardly LaPerfect Attendance herself (40 no-shows, thank you very much!) – “The Color Purple” began grossing more than $1 million a week.

Since the American Idol began dropping performances, producers have refunded tens of thousands of dollars worth of tickets.

Fantasia did show up for work the day the strike hit and sang for disappointed fans outside the theater. News of her impromptu concert reached Sardi’s, where a group of Shubert executives were lunching.

Said one, acidly: “There’s no show, and she’s out there singing. Now if we could get her to perform when there is a show, we’d be in business.”

Sources say Fantasia’s out a lot because she’s simply not up to the grueling Broadway schedule.

SMH. Never take photos like this Fantasia not in this age of digital everything…cause you’ll have the phone companies themselves emailing ya ish out.


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Ray J is just out of control…

Posted by Media Outrage on December 4, 2007

Ray J mixtape

Ray J unveiled his first mixtape for drama king Kay Slay in honor of his sexcapade with Kim K. What’s next for this guy? Just wild….

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