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Tear your eyes away from her cleavage

Posted by Media Outrage on January 18, 2009


Sherri Shepherd from The View threw on the tightest blouse she could find in her closet and attended the 10th Annual BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Luncheon at Rocketown in Nashville. Look at Sherri getting her gospel on although we do know that she is saved. Their were plenty of Gospel greats in the building. CeCe Winans who really needs to land in our prettiest smile of the day category performed as did her brother BeBe Winans, Israel Houghton, Donald Lawrence, Kirk Franklin and Kim Burrell who could sing your socks off any day. Pastor Marvin Sapp who broke records with his intensely popular song “Never Would Have Made It” was among the honorees.


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Some Friday Cleavage

Posted by Media Outrage on December 5, 2008


Angel Lola Love took some excitingly attractive photos recently, showing more cleavage than a little bit. We know many of you are wondering what her true talent is but when you’re popping out pics like these, who really cares right? Enjoy….

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She got the Rack game on Lock

Posted by Media Outrage on June 9, 2008

Halle Berry and her gorgeous ultra huge rack was spotted heading to the dentist for a teeth cleaning in Burbank. Nothing wrong with keeping the chompers nice and white for those movies. If her dentist is a man we’re sure he’s probably scheduling a good 12 cleanings a year when the norm is 1 or 2. Halle is doing all of the things to get herself back into shape mentally, physically, and emotionally for her next film “Frankie and Alice” in which she will tap into her inner crazy and portray a woman with multiple personalities. Sounds interesting.

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Kim Kardashian attends party at MGM Grand

Posted by Media Outrage on May 19, 2008

Socialite Kim Kardashian stepped out to Diddy’s Den at the Grand Opening Weekend Celebration at FoxWoods Resort & Casino on Saturday. Wherever she goes those tatas are always on display. She actually looked very nice in that dress. Ladies are you feeling this outfit???

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To our readers…..

Posted by Media Outrage on May 19, 2008

Goodmorning all! We just wanted to announce for those of our readers that do not know how to upload an image by your comments, simply go to and enter an email address with a user name (They will walk you through it) and upload any image you choose, (yall don’t trip out and choose something crazy lol) and when you leave comments your image will pop up next to your message as W2m, B.Price, Dickwell Thrust (who is off the chain), Sweetthang and a few others’ does. So Lai’Lani, Kristina (you might have already done it), Lio, BeachChick, Pinkies08, Cupcake, Monie, Rick, Destini, Monet Mosee, Terrence, Yasmine T. girl you know we can’t forget you! and all of the rest of you (we can’t name all of you it would take all week lol) hit up Gravatar and choose your image so you can interact with the growing Mediaoutrage community which by the way we must say is one of the livest communities out here period! Yall keep it live on here for real with your intelligent, hilarious, witty, disgusting, disrespectful (lol), interesting comments and opinions. But we love it! Keep it coming cause cats are watching yall and talking too.

Oh and shout out to the other DOPE SITES that interact with us and shout us out we really appreciate you BlackCelebrityKids, Fresh&Fab, ReppingBeantown, NotEnoughRealMen, The E-Biz, Highbridnation, and NecoleBitchie. Oh and if you are wondering who’s picture that is at the top, our loyal reader Krystal sent that to us the other day so we decided to represent her for checking us out and hitting us with emails and info on a daily basis. Thanks Krystal! Oh yea and another reader hit us with a sketch of a Mediaoutrage T-Shirt which was mad flattering and kind of hot if we must say so lol. We told her when she gets it made to send us the picture and we will post it. Thanks for all of the love yall we really appreciate it and are soaking it up! Oh what’s up to loyal reader Monae Mosee! And special shout out to Victoria, and our girl Kiaira! We appreciate the love girl! So we just had to take the time to drop that info on you guys who are the reason why M.O. as you so lovingly refer to us is one of the fastest growing blogs/sites out here so definitely give yourselves a pat on the back, hand clap, kudos, day off from work, and champaign toast for that and keep spreading the word cause like we said “They’re” definitely watching you……

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Posted by Media Outrage on May 16, 2008

The beautiful and talented Jill Scott was in Harlem yesterday as she and Ashley Stewart launched the Butterfly Bra Collection. She needs a metal fence around them thangs. Who feels Jill’s music? And if so which album do you have? To see what Jill thinks of her big chestednessssssss click here.

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Fellas would you hit??

Posted by Media Outrage on May 16, 2008

Yesterday evening ex American Idol contestant Kimberly Locke performed at the Nokia Theater in NY. Kim is a cute young lady with the smile, dimples, and the obvious Double Diiizeeeeees! So talent aside we want to know Fellas would you hit???

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