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Are You Feeling This Outfit???

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2010

Kelis hit up the First Annual Data Awards at the Hollywood Palladium last night rockin’ this number.  Keep it real and tell us whether you’re feeling it or not.  Mehcad Brooks, Aubrey Ho Day, Monique Coleman, and the Black Eyed Peas when you

40 Responses to “Are You Feeling This Outfit???”

  1. blakmaine said

    Kelis looking good where did that baby weight go. She needs to go back to curly hair style she had in the milkshake video.

  2. Ms. Tee said

    Kelis is one weird cookie, she is not @ all fashionable. I’m so glad Nas got away from her ass he was to good for her. She’s needs to take her money and buy a life.

  3. sweetthang said

    i can’t even comment on that outfit, there are no words :crickets:

  4. Oh dear, her crotch makes me uncomfortable. I can deal with wierd style but not a choked vagina… :oX

  5. WAIT! I just saw the hair! this bitch though she was an Avatar! Oh hell nah

  6. ucanb2 said

    WTF… Does she have a part in a “Z” Movie…as a disfunctional alien!!!!???? SMDH!

  7. Random said

    What a cornball.

  8. Ima Be A Drug Dealer Forever said

    I dig her style.

  9. Random said

    Lady Gaga previously wore these ridiculous Alexander McQueen platforms…talk about ‘originality’…

  10. Kingston said

    Only God can help this child. I have to admit though that none of her crazy outfits surprises me. I would be shocked if she wore a jeans, regular shirt, and some “normal” shoes.

  11. Ms. Behave said

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…… Ok, i HAD to get that out.

    Kelis is my girl and i luv her style. But, on a very critical level, how the f*ck can u have half ur coochie, doing a gangsta lean? camel toe means half & half, not 1/4 and 3/4… Wheeew! Now that that is out, what’s with this she-devil, avatar reject looking suit? Is that a grey cow tail along with some cow hoofs shoes? Kelis honey, this is not the way to express ur inner ‘animal’, we’ve already seen how u savagely ravished nasir’s pocket, THAT WAS ENOUGH!

    Don’t even get me started on the porcupine inspired do and the dual eyelashes… JUST DON’T!

  12. Yvonne said

    *sugh*…now this is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

  13. Dominikingz said

    She looks like she was part of the Naji tribe in Avatar. She is a grimey chick to be taking more than 50K from Nas.

  14. Kanyade said

    She looks like a Thundercat. 🙂

    And I’m fine with that, because I love this bish!

    • Ms. Behave said

      Yo, that was my ish… Thunder, Thunder, thunder cats HHHHHHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! hahaha. To think of it, bish could give Cheetara a run for her money. 🙂

  15. Sapphire Storm said

    I’m going to need Mechad not to look so “How You Do-wang”.

  16. vmarsh said

    that broad look stupid

  17. Lio said

    fucking dumb ass bitch…

  18. leilaray a.k.a Zogie said

    Ummmmm… well her body is rockin this outfit pretty mean. BUTWHATINTHEWORLD? That hair is_______, wait, wait, there’s a tail??? C’mon either come out with a album or take care of baby Knight.
    Oooh to the hoes still hating on her because she got a COURT order for support… GO SPEND YOUR FOODSTAMPS, AND SHUT IT Up!

  19. Marie said

    Kelis has to change her stylist.

  20. ALLISWELL5 said

    Kelis is wild for this one, but I still love that body on her!

  21. teelady said

    oh my word…i could see lady gaga doing something like this but kelis? but then again she just as crazy

  22. MissTX said


    Don’t know why folks sugarcoating that shit! She getting all that damn money and walking around looking like this!

  23. LowRidaz said

    She looks awful in that shit! and I am honestly not feeling those shoes, my god, what is up with that get up!

  24. Tia said

    People in Hollyweird are nutty!

  25. Nina said

    Does Kelis have camel toe and sweating in the private area? How rude to have to subject us to this disgusting sh*t.

  26. 2020VIZN said

    This chicken is about to be even more paid!!!!! Once the authourities get one look at these photos, the check she gets from Nas every month aint gonna be the only check she gets on a monthly basis, she gonna get a Social Security SSDI check too.

  27. lilkunta said

    1st, what are Data awards? We’re in a recessioni yet cali still throws these unneccesary parties? For what reason?

    2nd, Kelis it is clear that you’re seeking attn. This is very sad.

  28. surinamrose said

    all the way from amsterdam, holland
    i have to reply to kelis.
    Jesus take the wheel!!!
    Kelis stay away from the drugs, Rick james told us Cocaine is a hell of a drug!!!

  29. lilbloglady said

    Cocaine’s a hell of a drug…. and judging by this outfit she must’ve been hanging out with Scott “Sniffs-a-lot” Storch.

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