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Angela & Tasha MAC of Tasha MAC Management!

Posted by Media Outrage on August 24, 2009


Tasha Smith and Wendy Raquel Robinson attended day 2 of The Merge Summit at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in LA on Saturday.  None do it better than these two young ladies at holding down the most ghetto-fied roles ever seen on screen. 

Tasha Smith really killed the role of “Angela” in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?  She did her thing in that film and Daddy’s Little Girls.  No one has ever done ghetto quite as spectacular as she did.  Wendy Raquel Robinson kept everyone infront of their flatscreens for The Game for her crazy character of Tasha Mac of Tasha MAC Management!  Lol.  We really dig their acting abilities.  Regina King was also in the building.  She has to be one of the most underrated actresses in the business because there isn’t a role we’ve seen her portray that she hasn’t got busy on!  More pics of these beautiful women when you

Regina King j1Tasha Smith j2Tasha Smith j1ReginaRaquelTashaWendy Raquel Robinson j

Tasha Smith jTasha Smith j5RaquelReginaReinaReginaReinaRaquel

Regina King j

13 Responses to “Angela & Tasha MAC of Tasha MAC Management!”

  1. MissTX85 said


    Love Tasha! She a whole mess! LOL!

  2. sorry guys that Ive been gone due to travel, but the Vulgarity is back and i can resume…..

    That weave Wendy is wearing is more ghetto than grape soda and fried chicken, but I’d fuck her collard green and cornbread eating ass faster than a Jamaican out of a starting block!

  3. I hate Tasha MAC … too damn GHETTO… love Racquel

    Yo, peep thumbnail #4, lady in white looks like Michelle Obama…

  4. Bwoy, where have u been… was bout’ to file a missing for u, lol

    YISI, are u OK MA? → Update please, much ♥

    lol@faster than a Jamaican out of a starting block!… what u know about speed, hahaha

    Raquel, seriously, that weave has got to go…when it looks like ur 7 year old niece just glued in a few tracks, way off ur forehead at that, it’s time to call a hairstylist…

    Raquel was always way more fab…please get rid of that porcupine on ur head.

  5. ucanb2 said

    I love all these ladies!

  6. Jolie said

    Welcome back DT
    They are definitely underrated, they are very talented.

  7. sumarrain said

    Is that Regina King in the grey top, she looks horrible, loss way too much weight. Her breast looks like its way too heavy for her slim frame.

    Wendy Raquel Robinson hair looks like a bird nest, not feeling the weave at all.

  8. Kanyade said

    I love these ladies. Not only is Regina King incredibly underrated, but so is Wendy Raquel Robinson. She’s capable of so much more than the ‘ghetto’ roles and she’s a helluva comedic actress. Great timing. 🙂

  9. Cut Up said

    I do not, I repeat, “Do Not” dig all that weight loss on Regina King. She look like her teeth bout to fall out of her face. Meet me at Roscoe’s babygirl.

  10. these ladies are very sensible, it’s almost impossible to keep a level head in entertainment these days.

  11. Yvonne said

    THAT’S HER NAME!!! I have seen her in quite a few movies playing those ghetto roles but for some reason I never knew her real name or it just didn’t stick with me.

    You are so right MO, Tasha chick can play a ghetto role that NO actress I have seen on the screen playing the same type of role can touch…ever. Chick is awesome.

    Wendy is a good actress too.

  12. Atlanta said

    They both look better on screen.

  13. mizzsimplicity said

    Really like Tasha. didnt kno that was her name tho. she can act her ass off

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