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What An Outfit

Posted by Media Outrage on November 24, 2009

We’re late as hell with the AMA pics but better late than never.  No write up necessary given that most of you probably seen the show.  We’ll just post a few pics.  What did you think about RiRi’s outfit?

More pics when you



20 Responses to “What An Outfit”

  1. ucanb2 said

    That outfit (bull@@#) and the performance SUCKED!!!!

  2. Sumarrain said

    Rihanna is willing to do anything to insure her album sell this time not just singles of the album. Not to crazy about the outfit but she look good wearing it, but she needs to work on her stage performance it really did suck.

  3. Mr Bad Guy said

    I just don’t like Rihanna. It just something about her makes me vomit.

  4. brynnrock said

    Not impressive

  5. Ms. E said

    Who made her outfit a third grader?! It looks like ace bandages wrapped around her a$$! I’m starting to get SICK of her..

  6. Kingston said

    Sick of this tired hooker. Outfit is wack, and her singing is too. She is all hype and doesn’t delivery…

  7. Kingston said


  8. lilkunta said

    The shoulder lights were cool but the outfit overall isnt special.

    Her singing sucked.

    I wonder if her cd will sell well? Alot of competition: Norah Jones, Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert, etc.

    The lead singles are popular, whear her last cd has the megahit Umbrella.

  9. fordmodel26 said

    She looks like a crazy demonic hooker from outer space. She’s trying to do what ever she can to sell records……Tragic!!

  10. Yvonne said

    I like just about everything Rhi wears. She is one of those chicks who can carry that “edgy clothes” look. I DID NOT like that dress she wore on the red carpet though.

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  12. itsurboi said

    I dont much care for her singing but i got a mic that she can hum on.

  13. ALLISWELL5 said

    I’d make her wear that outfit around the house all day… azz chick!!!

  14. vigyal75 said

    She can put that outfit off…. not too many can. And the red carpet dress was sweet, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I like her style 100%.

  15. MissTX85 said

    I didn’t bother to watch the AMAs this year.

    Rihanna look stank!

    Love Sofia’s dress!

  16. Courtney said

    Good thing she shaved.
    And her singing suck ass too.

  17. Unkle Death said

    I see that a lot of people can’t stand Ri or her voice. Well y’all just gon have to hate me. She’d only scream LOUDER if I put it in her butt.

    Whatever @ Leona. Whatever @ A Keys with her homewrecking ass.
    Gay Z looks like a test tube llama as USUAL. Greatest rapper alive/ever my dick.

    I’d fuck a Black Jack Taco out of Sofia V. Believe that!

  18. lowridaz said

    ACTUALLY …. I have nothing against Rihanna, I think she is beautiful, and I love her style, she has her OWN style, and that is a plus to me.

  19. Unkle Death said

    @ Lo Lo – I feel you but fuck what you talking bout. She’ll be dead soon LMBAO.

  20. insideman said


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