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Solange Gets It In Down In Miami

Posted by Media Outrage on February 8, 2010

Solange hit up club Shore down in Miami this past weekend.  Loving her look.  More Solange when you

More images right here.

10 Responses to “Solange Gets It In Down In Miami”

  1. Jolie said

    She looks nice, I really like the hair.

  2. LowRidaz said

    yea, she has a pretty face, nice

  3. Random said

    She’s so fckng hideous..God just looking at that atrocious face of hers makes me want to vomit..ugh!

  4. sweet_tea said

    You know, I like this look for her. It’s sad how she keeps trying to be the COMPLETE opposite of her sister but oh well…this time is wasn’t so bad.

  5. MissTX said

    Uhhh….no comment.

  6. Sa Baby! who else? said

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEE Solange…Shes soooo better than fake sister of hers. Ughhh!!!

  7. chique said

    This bald head stuff is not working, I did that stupid shit and cut off all my hair, now the shit won’t grow, she look crazy cutting off all of her hair, but she did make her point loud and clear it is rebellion in the extreme form, but hopefully her hair will all grow back and she will mellow

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