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Mississippi Schools Still Practicing Segregation

Posted by Media Outrage on April 14, 2010

What year is this?!?  Oh, yea, it’s 2010 and schools down in Mississippi are still practicing segregation.  They’ve been ordered to stop…

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered a Mississippi school district to halt local policies that had allowed some of the district’s schools and classes to become racially segregated.

US District Judge Tom Lee gave the Walthall County School District 30 days to amend its student transfer policy and ordered an immediate halt to the alleged “clustering” of white students into certain classes in Tylertown, Miss., elementary schools.

“The district shall cease using race in the assignment of students to classrooms in a manner that results in the racial segregation of students,” Judge Lee said in his eight-page order.

“The district shall randomly assign students to classrooms at the Tylertown Elementary Schools through the use of a student management software program,” the judge said.

The action stems from a federal desegregation order issued in August 1970 – nearly 40 years ago. The case was closed for lack of activity in 2001.

In 2007, lawyers with the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division contacted the Mississippi school district to monitor its compliance with the 1970 desegregation order. The action revealed two alleged violations.

The district was allowing more than 300 students – most of them white – to transfer from their assigned schools to a predominately white school, the Salem Attendance Center, outside their residential zone, according to court documents.

The second alleged violation involved grouping white students into a few designated classes at three other schools in Tylertown. The action created a significant number of all-black classrooms at each elementary grade level, documents say.

“It is unacceptable for school districts to act in a way that encourages or tolerates the resegregation of public schools,” said Thomas Perez, who heads the Civil Rights Division.

“We will take action so that school districts subject to federal desegregation orders comply with their obligation to eliminate vestiges of separate black and white schools,” Mr. Perez said in a written statement.

After identifying the alleged violations, government lawyers asked that the case be reopened. The Walthall County School District was joined by 12 other Mississippi districts that intervened as defendants in the lawsuit.

Last week, a lawyer for the Walthall County School District announced that the district “does not intend to file a response” to the government’s complaint.

In his order, Judge Lee said that in the future only students facing “extreme hardship or emergency” would qualify for transfer outside the random class assignment system.

Among examples of hardships that might qualify, the judge listed: incarceration of a parent, terminal illness or death of a parent, natural disaster, or domestic abuse or neglect affecting the student.

The judge also noted that “if students with a history of inappropriate interaction [with members of a different race] are assigned to the same classroom, the district may reassign the minimum students necessary to ensure reasonable classroom harmony.”

Judge Lee ordered the district to take all necessary steps prior to the beginning of the 2010-2011 academic year to “accommodate the shifting enrollment patterns in the district expected to result” from the judicial ruling.

The judge instructed the school district to assign sufficient faculty members and administrators to each district “to ensure the effective delivery of educational services to all students at the school for which they are residentially zoned.”

He also instructed the school district to “ensure that the physical condition of each school facility is adequate to satisfactorily accommodate the anticipated enrollment for respective school.”

Mediaoutrage–  It’s interesting how some racist people are still holding on to the “old” way of doing things in America.  Ignorance and hatred must not be tolerated nor allowed to breathe.

11 Responses to “Mississippi Schools Still Practicing Segregation”

  1. Kingston said

    The decision to integrate schools and classrooms was made in 1954! Did these ignorant idiots not know that? I always say that race will always be an issue, but segregating students just boils internal hatred and intolerance for other races. SMDH.

  2. Shannon G. said

    I live not too far from Tylertown. Unfortunately, there are some ignant (not ignorant) bastards that plagues MS. Fortunately, me nor my daughter is affected by this ancient old mess.

  3. MissTX said

    Not surprising. Seems the whole state of Mississippi is racist. Few years back we were out there and experienced it first hand. Not to mention we actually saw The Klan walking the streets.

    It’s really a damn shame.

    • Shannon G. said

      What part of MS did you go to?

      • MissTX said

        That particular incident was in Jackson. But I’ve been to Biloxi (think I spelled it right) and Meridian. Still saw some of the same shit though.

      • Shannon G. said

        Jackson is the most racist part of the state. Tupelo, Columbus, South Haven, and some areas in the delta is hell! LOL! Biloxi you are pretty safe.

  4. Shannon G. said

    Not all of us are idiots! Reserve that shit for the white ones! SMDH! If it takes people to travel to MS to realize that discrimination is alive and well then you may be the ignorant one. This shit happens more often than what most want to talk about but MS is famous for it.

    • MissTX said

      That’s why I mentioned going there and experiencing that. MS is more blatant with the racism than other states. (At least from my traveling experiences.) Trust that I know it exists all over. But going to MS and seeing it like that was different.

  5. brynnrock said

    Discrimination is alive and well all over this MF! Shame, sad but true.

  6. Lorraine said

    So what!! I could care less if they have segregated schools if they want to live in the last century let them. I care about good schools and that doesn’t equate to white. We need to focus on building better schools in our communities for our children. Having after school tutoring in science, math, spelling and reading. Getting the parents involved in their neighborhood schools even if that means hiring school attendants of having volunteers to visit the homes of these children to make sure the parents are doing a good job and providing an atmosphere at home that encourages and appreciates learning/education. We need better schools in our communities and better teachers. we do not need to bus our children across the city to their schools where they will be ignored. Wise up people!

  7. kekelolo said

    The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is having a meeting with God abou this! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!

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