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Hov Brings Beyonce On Stage With Him

Posted by Media Outrage on April 17, 2010

Beyonce and Jay-Z turned out the 1st day of the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Cali with a rare performance together.  Bey had on the coochie-cutters and Jigga man was the epitome of cool as usual.  Peep the video and more images when you

46 Responses to “Hov Brings Beyonce On Stage With Him”

  1. who's that lady sexy lady said

    My husband would die a thousand deaths if i TRIED to walk out the house with him like that. she looks like a random hoochie rather than an R&B diva or better yet someones wife. Admire the girls music but show some respect 4 urself and HUSBAND. Its a way 2 dress and be sexy without looking trashy

    • yoy50 said

      Say it again! She looks JUST LIKE any ole’ hoochie!! ::jumps up & down and hi-fives ya’::

      M.O. must have recognized that I’m not feeling this heiffa so they keep hitting up their post with her lame azz. ATTN. M.O.: BOUNCE (excuse me, beyonce) is not a role model for all the little girls who are exposed to her every day. She’s a poor example for all young girls and young women, hands down! I won’t state the obvious but riddle me this; name one married woman you know that does not wear her wedding ring all year ’round…

      I’ll end on a ‘positive note’– at least we didn’t have to suffer through another of her many kitten shots! Really, the only thing missing from that outfit is a trailer located in a fckin park!!! Damn– that wasn’t ‘positive’ after all… oh well.

      • Beyonce_Stan said

        I think she’s a good role model for young women who aspire to become successful. Anytime you earn $82 mill last year and then $87 mill this year, I think that’s more than something to shoot for. Everyone’s entitled to their opinions but when you don’t have anything positive to say about a woman who has sold millions of records and is one of the greatest entertainers of our generation then im confused. What’s really negative about Beyonce? You don’t see her drunk or high leaving the clubs. She isn’t hooked on drugs. All she does is put out great music and do her thing on the big screen. So once again I’m lost, how is she a negative influence on young women?

    • Kanyade said

      Is she standing next to American Royalty? (i.e. a Kennedy) Dressed as she is? 😆

      Love her. She just don’t care.

      Crazy too that she’s sporting hose with short-shorts. 😆


      You don’t know if she isn’t on drugs. You don’t know chit about Bey or any other celebrity. Stop God-ding her up like she’s uber-perfect (and like you know her) LOL

      “Diva” and “Freakum Dress” ain’t no cot damn “great music”. LOL

      • Beyonce_Stan said

        Kanyade so what she’s standing next to a Kennedy. And???

        Who are the Kennedy’s besides some crooked bootlegging corrupt politicians that rose to power in this ultra-corrupt country?

        No I don’t know her but respect what she does. Okay, no I don’t know if she’s on drugs but either do you. It’s a matter of my opinion and I love her music. Her voice is angelic. Best vocals in the game besides a J-hud. What has she done that’s so negative? Can you please tell me?

      • Beyonce_Stan said

        You never read about her doing stupic crazy ish. She conducts herself like a true lady and is just living her life for the HATERS that wish they had 1/10 of the talent and MONEY she has. Her tours continue to rake in $$$ millions. Companies are after her left and right to endorse their products. Every CD she drops goes multi-PLATINUM. Radio doesn’t seem to be able to LIVE without keeping one of her songs in constant rotation so I guess YOU and the other miserable HATERS on MO would be the drop in a bucket that can’t stand her? She’s doing very well then. 🙂

      • Beyonce_Stan said

        It sort of reminds me of the way the media villified Michael Jackson for years. They made constant fun of the man for living his life and being himself. Now their were “molestation” charges that fueled some of those barbs but what’s the excuse for the non-stop HATE on Beyonce? People never appreciate GREATNESS until it’s gone. Terrible. Poor Michael.

      • Kanyade said

        Wow you came at me with three different ‘sectionals’. 😐

        So I’ma posit three different points in response:

        1) if you have to ask who are the Kennedys then I can only SMH at you.

        2) booty-shorts with stockings is not a good look on anyone. no hateration there; just the cot darn trufe.

        3) you folk always gotta bring up $$$…HER $$$. please. just stop.

      • Beyonce_Stan said

        @ Kanyade…your rebuttal was very LACKING, which only proves your words were filled with nothing but absolute HATE that makes no sense at all.

        I think you and anyone else reading my response knows that my asking “Who the Kennedy’s were” was more of a rhetorical question than anything else. What I was saying, is they are no better than Beyonce and Jay-Z. At least Bey and Jay’s rise to power and fame wasn’t gotten by ILLEGAL gain – the Kennedy’s WAS. Enough said.

        You had something to say about her coochie cutters but never replied to my statements about which actions of hers’ are negative. I brought up the mountains of money she earned because that’s a level most people breathing, ASPIRE to reach. But oh well. Like I said – the girl’s crazy talented, in very high demand, and killing the game right now, so your opinion is really a drop in the ocean. But haters will do what they’re programmed to do. So carry on…

      • Kanyade said

        This chit is tiring, don’t you think? You telling me how much of a hater “I” am? I know myself better than you ever will. I never said she was ‘negative’. You’re confusing me with someone else’s response. I said “Freakum Dress” and “Diva” are chit songs; and they are.

        I know you’re wanting a fight real bad but just don’t. Let’s end this now. Don’t come for me again; at least not until I send for you. Ignore my comments rather, I should say ignore my comments in the next “Beyonce” post seeing as how that’s only when you seem to come out of the woodwork.

        *insert sighing icon*

    • Uncle Ruckus said

      Let me make sure I clearly understand you…

      Your comparing yourself & you husband’s everyday relationship to Beyoncé Knowles & Jay Z’s while they’re performing @ a concert?

      Not a good idea

  2. MaliaMalia Rucker's LOVES MO said

    awww loved the vid!!! she looks great in the above pictures!!

  3. TIDUB said

    Ok.. S0 where is da pic 0f em b0th 0n stage?!

  4. mesoCUTE said

    She look’s So Pretty & She sounded Great!

  5. Beyonce_Stan said

    I love Bey’s outfit. She and her hubby are living the American dream. Both are at the top of their respective professions.

  6. justme said

    i think she’s cute and comfortable and just enjoying being with her hubby

  7. Kanyade said

    Coochie-cutters and hose next to a Kennedy.

    Coachella brings America together. 😛

    She sounded great. She is born to do this; ’tis undeniable, but she could use a better stylist sometimes).

  8. I love them!! You can feel their chemistry just by watching them. People just hate because they have nothing else too do.. The hater’s are what keeps them going strong.. There’s this saying: ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all “

    • Kanyade said

      The hater’s are what keeps them going strong..


      So ‘haters’ are keeping their marriage going strong? 😐

      There’s this saying: ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all “

      I agree. So if you have nothing bad to say about haters save your .02 cents and don’t say nuffin’ at all either.

    • Kanyade said

      The hater’s are what keeps them going strong..


      So ‘haters’ are keeping their marriage going strong? 😐

      There’s this saying: ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all “

      I agree. So if you have nothing GOOD to say about haters save your .02 cents and don’t say nuffin’ at all either.

      • Why would I have something good to say about hater’s???? Like I said people that hate, hate because they have nothing else to do.. Get a fucking life.. Neither one of us know these people personally.. So keep hating and spectulating on what you think you know about her and her husband!! 🙂

      • Aniyaqt said


      • Kanyade said

        You wouldn’t have anything good to say about a hater, ergo, don’t say nothing at all. Get it? Got it.

        So keep [stanning] and spectulating on what you think you know about her and her husband!!

        Yes, darling and you do the same.

  9. Michelle said

    If I were B’s age and had that figure, i would wear whatever the hell I wanted to wear. Jay prolly like it, are you kidding me??

    • brynnrock said

      Totally agree to whoever stated about her having those shorts on. She looks fabulous and has a great body. So yeah, I would wear them with our without my husband next to me. Get a life and get serious people!

  10. BadBadKitty0727 said

    Kennedy’s = American Royalty? GTFOH! LMAO! All I’m gonna say about that is, “Kennedy Curse.”

    The outfit she has on is not my tastes and evidently her husband has no problem with it. Hell, look at Jay! He’s dressed like any average nucca standing on the street corner in any urban ‘hood but ain’t nobody sayin’ nothin’ about that.

    Lastly, why is it we look to entertainers & pro atheletes as “role models” for our children? They’ve proven time and time again they’re not role models at all. They make a living ENTERTAINING. Look within your own home for your child’s role model ‘cuz that role model you’re looking for is staring at you when you look in the mirror.

    • Beyonce_Stan said

      @ BadBadKitty – Either the majority of readers on MO and other BLOGS are FOLLOWERS with no minds of their own or they simply like to hate who’s on TOP. I say this because Beyonce hasn’t been involed in any kind of scandal or behavoir that’s worthy of the kind of ridicule and criticism she receives on these boards daily. I think most people see others leave certain kinds of comments and simply follow suit. It’s the American way. SMH @ Kanyade thinking the Kennedy’s are something to copy. That kind of thinking has HOUSE NEGRO written all over it. 🙂

      • Beyonce_Stan said

        Oh by the way Kanyade – we iz FREE – you don’t have to try and pattern yourself after white people anymore.

      • Kanyade said

        I think most people see others leave certain kinds of comments and simply follow suit.

        Yes, this is true.

        *looks at your comments and all the piggy-backing on and off*

        Touche, home skillet. It works both ways don’t it? 😆 Congratulations, you too, are a part of this grand social experiment called ‘blogging with the option to leave comments’.

  11. NINA said

    I like Beyonce’s outfit, reminds me of the 80s.

  12. Kanyade said

    Boy ya’ll really came for me tonight. Must’ve been bored at home too.

    I am no hater. I’m no house negro either. But if you all feel that way about me, a veritable stranger to you all, then by all means. If it gives your heart a lilt of joy to think you ‘two snaps and a circled’ on po’ little ole me, then thumbs up for your self-esteem (and entertainment).

    Kennedys/Gettys/Rockefellers/Vanderbilts/etc. etc. etc. = American ‘royalty’ (obviously not in the traditional sense in that we are not an aristocracy) but were we one…families of that ilk would be our kings and queens dukes and duchesses. Old money bishes, old money. Oh and curses, too. 😐

    • BadBadKitty0727 said

      I hope you didn’t interpret my comment about the Kennedy’s as “coming after you” ‘cuz that was not my intent. I get what you’re saying, and quite possibly they may have been considered royalty if the U.S. was aristocratic, but due to all their scandals, it may have been very short-lived.

      Bey knew she was going to perform – thus the “performance stockings.” I’ve never seen her without her granny panty-hose when on stage with exposed legs. Granted, most of the time her outfits make you wonder WTF, but she’s on top of her game right now and there is no solo, female artist that has managed to knock her off the thrown. 🙂

  13. who's that lady sexylady said

    Dang people! So grouchy! I thought this site was all about OPINION! Meaning we type whats on our mind. I love beys music but fashion wise shes a flop doesnt make me a hater i just dont like the way she dresses sometime this outfit in particular. Money no money talent no talent on top of the game or not if u wear this outfit im go say u look ratchid and trashy! And thats MY OPINION! 🙂

  14. Keh'Sha said

    Hahahahaha..yo Bey had on a HUGE Baphomet(goat head) ring..them flk i swear.they jus dnt care. That aint no Illumanati shit, its way worse. Its Baphomet. they dnt care so more power to they sneaky asses. Lol. oh,& i have that shirt hat and boots that she has CUTE fit !.

  15. MChy said

    LOL @ what her shirt says.

  16. Verbalism7 said

    Could care less.

  17. who's that lady sexy said

    @uncle rufus rutkis whateva. So what does it make u worried bout my opinion? The biggest hater! I said what i said and b4 i take it back add mo 2 it! I hope bey pays well 4 people ridn her jock like that!

  18. Mone~Alicia said

    She looks nice. Stylist must’ve had a sub. Or been off. Not sure yet.

  19. Mone~Alicia said

    Now that I’ve watched the video, I think that was very sweet.

  20. kekelolo said

    Don’t you just love Jay-Z and Beyonce together? I love how she shows respect for her husband in public. Take note of them together while in public; she always walks behind him until he looks around for her and reaches out to her. I notice this every time I see them either in person, on television, and in photos. Okay NOW, for the Feminists and Women Liberators, I am not saying she HAS to walk behind him to show respect, but it is clear that her man is her KING! She doesn’t try to take the spot light from him is the message I am conveying.

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