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Movie Premiere

Posted by Media Outrage on September 23, 2008

Kerry Washington and her fine self stepped out to the premiere of “Miracle at St. Anna” last night in NYC looking her usual elegant foxy self. Wesley Snipes, Swizz Beatz, Derek Luke, Spike Lee, Paula Patton, Isiah Thomas, and a few others also attended the premiere. One of our readers (Terrence) vehemently objected to the notion that Kerry Washington and Sanaa Lathan are better actresses than Halle Berry. His view is Halle has played in way more roles and is a veteran actress that really can’t be compared to ones that have yet to accomplish what she has or play the vast amount of different roles that she has. What’s your take on it?

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12 Responses to “Movie Premiere”

  1. Lana E. said

    There is no way that Kerry Washington’s career or acting ability can be compared to Halle Berry’s. Which roles of Kerry’s are even memorable?

  2. terrance said

    Thanks M.O. for the recognition! I was going to go into a long detailed explanation supporting my argument, but Lana E said it all with one question.

  3. Jazzy said

    Im going to that post now because i want to know who the hell said Kerry Washington was a better actress than Halle Berry. SMH.

  4. Yea I Said It said

    Kerry played the wife of Ray in the movie with Jamie Foxx. I can forget all the movies Halle played in, her acting skills are the same in all of them, nothing different. Hands down Kerry Washingston and Sanaa Lathan are the better actress…… Just my opinion.

  5. terrance said

    Yea I Said It, wow Kerry played an everyday housewife! Tell me what’s so challenging about that role? Halle has played roles ranging from a crackhead to a savvy business women. Monster’s Ball was a wack movie, but that one scene where she loses her son and she goes off was more powerful and emotionally moving than any scene Kerry or Sanaa has ever played.

  6. Random said

    This post sort of reminds me of the Cruise/Smith Comparison…Here you have someone who’s a “Vet” at this acting thing and two ‘newcomers’ (whom I’m not too familiar with)..Only thing I can remember Lathan for is the Basketball movie..and she didn’t stand out much..and I haven’t heard about her being cast in any important roles other than the recent Tyler Perry for Kerry Washington..I hear she played in “Ray”..I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t really speak on it..but again I haven’t seen her in any other major/recent flicks..or heard of her “superb acting skills”…On the other hand, I’ve seen Halle Berry in several different roles..I don’t think she’s THE BEST actress out there..but she’s not a bad one either..She’s been in the game longer..had more opportunities than both Lathan and Washington..that’s not to say that the other two aren’t capable of being these ‘great actresses’..but you can’t base it on ONE or two flicks they’ve been in and say “Oh yeah, she’s definitely way better than so and so”..Wait a few years..see how they act in diff. roles rather than the same ones over and over..then we can judge..but for now..I say Berry’s got them both beat!!

  7. Alek said

    I must say I tune into this site whenever I get the chance while at work. Enjoy the differences of opinion and love reading these comments. Most of them are very entertaining. I read the Tom Cruise Will Smith post yesterday and have to say well I will go to that post and leave my opinion.

    Regarding this post there is no way that Kerry Washington or Sanaa Lathan exhibit they level of acting skill that Halle does. I wonder what movies people are watching.

  8. Yea I Said It said

    Dang y’all gettin deep on a sista, I just don’t think halle acting skills are that great, Ok so I have seen kerry in other movies,sorry it excapes me all the names of them ,and lathan has been in other movies other than Love and Basketball. She played in movies with Denzel, and what’s his face in Best Man. and she played another movie with the same what’s his face, as best friends. Maybe we should have a big sleep over, where somebody brings the food and we watch all the movies these people have been in to get a true value of their acting skills. We could pause and disect every scene. Monsters Ball is all Halle is known for, other than some slave movie Oprah produced.

  9. w2m said

    LOL@Yea I Said It…” Maybe we should have a big sleep over, where somebody brings the food and we watch all the movies these people have been in to get a true value of their acting skills.”

    I am not a fan of Halle’s acting skills. I told y’all the three that killed it for me:

    1. Monster’s Ball
    2. Queen
    3. Catwoman

    I like Sanaa and Kerry because they are believable.

  10. Yea I Said It said

    Thank you W2m.. you my girl!!!!

  11. Ms. E said

    I can’t compare them I love all of these women..but Halle has been in the game alot longer therefore she has more experience than Kerry and Sanaa together! Remember..The Last Boyscott and Jungle Fever and some other movies that I can’t think of that came out way back in the 1990’s!

  12. Smurfette said

    I love Halle!!

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