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Woman Claims McNair Fathered Her Child

Posted by Media Outrage on October 21, 2009


A woman has come out claiming that Steve McNair fathered her child.  Peep game.

7 Responses to “Woman Claims McNair Fathered Her Child”

  1. Sumarrain said

    Damn Steve McNair you were a very busy man.

  2. ferrie said

    will the other american negro men learn a lesson from this? somehow i don’t think so because they’re so stupid they’re advertising for colombian prostitutes who want a ticket to america now. dumb!

  3. Atlantaaaaa said

    Busy indeed. Why did this women wait until the girl turned 17??? Unless, Steve was breaking her off all these years.

  4. Trina said

    Good question Atlanta

  5. MissTX85 said

    Saw this the other day. Why the hell she wanna wait til the man dead to get money?!! SMH!

    This is about to get crazy!

  6. itsurboi said

    what the fuck? she waits until the girl is 17 to come forth. Steve’s widow is gonna choke one of these bitches and since the chick that killed him is dead i wonder who’s gonna be at the top of the “Choke-A-Bitch-a-dex”

  7. ucanb2 said

    Where the hell has she been all this time? I guess Steve could have been supporting her all along but didn’t make provisions for it, since he didn’t leave a will.

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