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Keri Hilson Forgets The Words While Singing The National Anthem

Posted by Media Outrage on April 1, 2010

Keri Hilson had to be hella-embarrassed last night when she forgot the words while singing the national anthem before the start of the Atlanta Hawks vs Lakers game.  She just skipped an entire verse lol.  Peep the video…

30 Responses to “Keri Hilson Forgets The Words While Singing The National Anthem”

  1. Dominikingz said

    What an airhead? Keri, I bet you Beyonce wouldnt have forgotten those words..ouch!!

    • Mrs. Miller said

      I doubt she would, seeing that she LIPSYNCs, ere’ effing thing!

    • verbalism7 said

      Screw Beyonce!

      • Mrs. 2020VIZN♥ said

        Straight! 😆

        I doubt she could even read words to know song, she would have to listen to a recording Fantasia Barrino style, just so her illiterate ass can learn!

    • april said

      smh….there’s a difference between someone who has never been to school
      and someone who left school to pursue her music career
      dayum! people stay on beyonce’s ass 24/7 calling her an illiterate!
      it’s not that serious….jheeze
      besides keri’s the only one in this post so idk why beyonce’s name is being brought up
      let the girl breathe!

  2. blakmaine said

    I happens to a lot people maybe she got nervous.

  3. Mrs. Miller said

    Happens to the best of us…

    Just be glad she wasn’t lipsyncing and the track was playing the part she missed, while she is on the next verse, THAT would’ve been embarrassing.

    • sweet_tea said

      I agree…THAT would have been the worst possible scenario. I still like Keri…I forget the words every now & then too!

  4. Kanyade said

    She should’ve pulled a Palin and wrote the lyrics on her hand. 😐


  5. Aniyaqt said

    Oooh , that’s def a no no. Big fan of Kerri but she sounded as Simon would say “DREADFUL” and “Like a mouse trying 2 pick a fight w/an elephant, u just cant win”—–LOL Simon is 2 funny

  6. Mr. 13in said

    It was that unnecessary “run” that threw her off. Other than that her version was beautiful.

    Negroes got a lot of nerve…

    Like they all know the anthem…word for word.

  7. Satui said

    they were talkin bout the mistake happens after the word ‘fight’….let’s just b honest, her problems started b4 that…that ‘fight’ note when to hell and back…

  8. Teena Thomas said

    LMAO!!!! Ok she made a mistake… Funny as shyt tho…

  9. MissStep said

    Nerves. She has a beautiful voice though. Go Keri!

  10. MissTX said

    And I don’t know it at all. Sue me.

  11. ucanb2 said

    Funny…but embarassing!

  12. brynnrock said

    Dumb dumb and dumber make yourself look so damn dumb

  13. Kingston said

    LMAO!!!! Alot of singers have forgotten the lyrics before.

  14. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said

    aww that was embarrassing but you gotta give her credit though, she did finish off well.. If that were me i would’ve put on a dramatic act and fainted!!

  15. Terrance said

    Sis made an honest mistake. It took ballz to finish though. She could of turned into Barry Sanders and zig zag the hell up out of there.

  16. mAc said

    I would make sweet love to her for a good 3 minutes

  17. […] Keri Hilson Forgets The Words While Singing The National Anthem … […]

  18. Lio said

    not good ….not good ..feel so bad for her

  19. Verbalism7 said

    Can you say blooper?

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