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The New $100 Dollar Bill Is Upon Us

Posted by Media Outrage on April 21, 2010

The new Ben Franklin is finally upon us.  So all you ballers make sure your wallet is equipped plenty of these.  More images after the jump for your perusal.  Let us know what you think…

Who’s feelin’ the new design?

13 Responses to “The New $100 Dollar Bill Is Upon Us”

  1. Miss Jia said

    Bootleggers will have that recreated in 5….4….3…..


  2. P.S. I love MO!!! said

    So instead of hearing about the ‘green’, dudes will be referring to the ‘blue’? lol What’s with the florescaent blueish color? Is it suppose the light up in your pocket so pookie and em’ can spot when 100’s are in the area lol

    P.S. They could’ve atleast given old dude a new perm, hair cut and some rogaine for that receding hairline.

  3. ucanb2 said

    I guess so…this bill looks counterfeit to me! LOL

  4. ALLISWELL5 said

    It’s seems that the Government is slowly fading-out paper currency. Each time they create a new bill, they gradually pull the old bills out of circulation…the Mark of the Beast is soon to follow.

    Peep what Big Gipp of Goodie Mob said on Cell Therapy:

    Tag my skin with your computer chip…
    Run your hand over the scanner to buy your dish now…
    No more fishing for your fish!

    Goodie Mob was exposing the NWO / Illuminati way back in 1995…..come and get your soul fooooooood!!


  5. Stubabyq said

    Now if they can only make it worth the paper it’s printed on…

  6. who's that lady sexy lady said

    I think they should send everyone over 18 at least one u know just to test it out. Lol in my dave chapelle voice IM BROKE BITCH! LOL:)

  7. Nina said

    It looks like Monopoly money…fake.

  8. shakirah said

    Thats starting to look more and more like foreign currency. or play money.

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