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Our Readers!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on December 9, 2009

Like we always do at this time:  This MO reader hails from Puerto Rico and her name is Haddy Aguayo.  She checks out the site on the regular and we must say she’s sexy as hell!  Thanks Haddy for holding us down day in and day out!  She never leaves comments but is a faithful reader.  Fellas keep them hands where we can see them!!!  Puerto Rico Stand Up!  To check out other beautiful MO READERS simply check the right hand side under categories and click the OUR READERS link.  More beautiful pics of Haddy when you

52 Responses to “Our Readers!!!”

  1. Random said

    Boricua! Pretty 🙂

  2. Monica said

    She’s cute

  3. Marathon_Man said

    Muthafucka Gotdaaaayuuuuum! Shit! Fuck!

    I can’t stop cussin’.

    Nice pics Haddy! I never been to Puerto Rico, would you mind being my TOUR GUIDE? Oh by the way, i have a CALCIUM deficiency.

  4. Jolie said

    Calm down MM, take a deep breath and just calm down.
    Hello Haddy,

  5. Thanks guys 🙂 muach luv to all in da mothaland ❤

    • Beautiful pics ma… oh, so i see u ONLY comment now that ur pic is up? mmm-hmm, i see, how would MO say, yeah ‘Trifling’, lol and wathchu mean ‘mothaland’? chile’ we ain’t in Africa, lol… don’t mind me this is what i call ‘tough love’lol, u should be used to it if u READ so much, lol – hope u can stop by again *cough* when next u submit some pics*cough* Chica Linda, much♥

      • Sweety, I was raised in the states just born in PR which happens to be a US territory, not chile, but thanks! Your sarcasm, I mean compliment, was appreciated…1 ❤

    • My u ‘sensitive’,lol… um, ur ‘US territory’ reference? seriously, u think google maps don’t work?lol, CHILE’ u the one mamking ‘mothaland’ references, u know AFRICA… Now i see WHY u don’t comment often, ur ass is tooooo SENSITIVE, blogging is for thick skin ppl, if u READ MO as often as u CLAIM, then u would be familiar with MY *scratching head* wtf u call it again? *scroll up* ‘sarcasm’ I mean ‘compliment’.

      It was a SINCERE comment with a hint of humor, well i should be used to it by now- NEWBIES always come at my ass for it, but THEY DO LEARN LATER that if i wanted to tell u that ‘ur fat and ur ass is ugly’ then I WOULD. I said ‘Beautiful pics’ i guess that’s all u needed for ur sensitive ass. Not going to go back/forth with u cause this is ur thread and MUCH RESPECT no matter how ‘sensitive’ u are. I’ll leave u to the ONE LINE comments u can handle, lol.

    • That’s what i said from the get go ‘tough love’lol… No disrespect intended. In short comment was “Beautiful pics ma…* insert joke* hope u can stop by again *cough* when next u submit some pics*cough* [another joke] Chica Linda, much♥ ((( that’s if u understand Ms. Behave language, lol)))

      • Ok ok I see you, is all about da luv and humor, so it was just a misunderstand that’s all, we good, Im a lovah neva a h8tah so we good, do ya thang miss behave 😉

    • Unkle Death said

      Good God, Haddy! You’re well put together!

  6. Hovy's Home said

    Feelin the pics ma.

    Real Sexy

  7. BroadStreetBully said

    You got sexy written all over ya body

  8. Erika M. said

    Hi Haddy, nice pics.

  9. Mr Bad Guy said

    Daaayyyyuuummm, sweet thang!! That’s some nice pictures amongst other things!!

  10. brynnrock said

    Tryin to hard, ma

  11. Timothy said

    I like the pics.Dated a rican sister and that turned out very bad with me having slashed tires and other crazy nonsense so wouldn’t date another lol but you are pretty.

  12. Monica said

    brynnrock stop hatin you know she looks good.

    • Hate is expected ma. What’s funny is that I didn’t submit my pictures, I was approached about it and I gave permission, but is just like my man Katt Williams says, “b*tch, if you got 12 bitches hatin on you you gotta figure out how the f*ck to get 16 before the summer get here” ya dig? Haha! Is all luv over here tho, I just laugh at the comments and appreciate the nice ones 😉

  13. mAc said

    MO dis my last comment be4 i leave 4 work.haddy is dat ur real name? or nick name? i might type like im illiterate but im not and my dick is 15 inches long.and dont no niggas be readin my shit trying to front like ya shit is as long as my shit.dam haddy i want to see da full body do i fake a bad cold?i gotta go to work fuck!

  14. Random said

    Ouch..this is getting ‘oogly’ 😡

    • No Random, i won’t go there, i don’t ‘pop off’ in ‘our readers’ category- well not yet, lol… but chica is ‘sensitive’ as phuck, My God and she said she READ MO- aint that a lie, lol, if she did then she would know we go HAAARRRDDD without apology, Man i didn’t even say anything ‘bad’- yet, lol.

      P.S. I don’t go HARD at ‘regular’ ppl, just celebs, lol, i think she’s mistaking MO for Myspace/facebook/twitter or any other social phuckery… Girl i didn’t even ‘diss’ u, just damn!

      • Random said

        lmao! I think it was a big misunderstanding to be honest with you…when you said “chile”…I believe she thought you were referring to the country CHILE…hence her saying “I was born in PR, no CHILE..”…at least that’s what I thought..but on another note I didn’t see anything wrong with your post..your usual funny crap…wasn’t insulting anyone..Can’t we all just get along *I know, I should be talking* HA!!

    • I see, i see, haha… but didn’t u see the punctuation after? → chile’ … yeah ‘Can’t we all just get along’, pwahahahahaha!!! We good though i don’t want MO to ‘punish me’ later for MISBEHAVING, hahahaha – on second thought i think i would like that, lol.

      • Random said

        lol I did…I think we’re extremely nice to “OUR READERS”…I mean can you imagine us goin at it the way we do with our ‘Dearest Celebs’..Yikes! I don’t think anyone would dare to submit anything..So to all you brave souls out there..just enjoy these cheap ‘compliments’…Sincere or not just accept it and move it along 😉

    • “just enjoy these cheap ‘compliments’…Sincere or not just accept it and move it along… MO, can we get this as the new tagline for the ‘Our Readers’ section, lol- heck for the entire site, lol… man i was thinking the same thing, if i went HARD on chica that way i do the celebs, she would be in a pool of salt water by now created by her own tears,lol, I SWEAR that was one of my ‘nicest’ comments EVER *sniffing* why am i always misunderstood, mwahahahah!!! But i think we are on ‘good terms’ now 😆 …All’s Well That Ends Well!

  15. I gotta handle some things today so I am loggin off but thanks for the luv, scratch off the excess and keep lovin’… we keep sh*t rastafari in dis island so one luv for y’all and I’ll make sure to comment more often…have a good day 2 all 🙂

  16. g said

    haddymami85 can we talk

  17. MaliaMalia LOVES MO said


  18. g said

    I’m at the Gran Melia

  19. ucanb2 said

    Nice pictures Haddy… don’t be a stranger we don’t bite! LOL

  20. Man, she is pretty….

    Makes me want to get the Oreo’s…Ill take those tity’s and have a wholesome after school snack for the whole family….

  21. Smurfette said

    This thread got a lil weird. So im movin on….

  22. Yvonne said

    Welcome to the MO family Haddy and just like Ucanb2 says, feel free to leave a comment or two. Go girl, your pictures look good. DT and MM behave….you gonna scare Haddy off. lol

  23. brynnrock said

    I am not a hater, just my opinion. Everyone got one does not make it right or wrong. Peace she still tryin to hard, Peace

  24. 2thick4u said

    Okay MO love the new comment section where you can reply to a comment 🙂 !!!!

    Haddy cute pictures…love your eyes!!!

  25. MissTX85 said

    I almost bypassed the post after that stuff up top. But that wouldn’t have been fair. So….cute pics.


    Ms. Behave do you, as it says in MO’s disclaimer “We reserve the right to be as funny and disrespectful as we want. If you have a problem with some of the funny and disrespectful content on this site please do make your complaints known to us at”

  27. michelle said

    she could stand to exfoliate her crusty lips that she threw some gloss on, get a better bra, and stop letting toddlers apply her eye makeup

  28. Lio said

    man, you ‘re sexy Mami..thanks for pics. mmmmmm

  29. ALLISWELL5 said

    Ms. Butter Pecan Rican….looking good!

  30. joneblaze said

    Very pretty and a nice set of GRANDE TETAS im drooling over here!!!!

  31. 2020VIZN said

    Lol at you ladies, yall are going hard old girl. Come on fam, yall need to play nice. She is a pretty lady and I hope she dont get mad at me when I say……them some nice ass tittays on her.

    @ DT: you a fool for that one. Lol

    @ Brynrock: First I have to agree with you on that trying hard comment, but in all fairness to Haddy, there is nothing wrong with her giving her best effort. Any successful person will tell you that they were succesful because they tried hard, and they say the word for that is ambition. So I will say that she is very ambitious. Lol

  32. Random said

    I’m just wondering why some of the “negative comments” haven’t been deleted since MO is big on not ‘disrespecting’ its readers..Also, people saying her pics are “slutty” or she’s “trying too hard”..I’m sorry but I don’t think she’s any more ‘sluttier’ than previous members who’ve posted their pics up…I’ve seen titty/ass shots…and nobody said anything..


    I mean according to haddy, she didn’t ‘intend’ on sending pics in, so photos were probably for another social network, hence her pose, but DAMN “she could stand to exfoliate her crusty lips that she threw some gloss on, get a better bra, and stop letting toddlers apply her eye makeup”… Come on man, ‘crusty’? seriously i don’t see it- and how do u with all that lipgloss? ‘better bra’, it’s a PUSH UP, that what it’s SUPPOSE to do. Feel u on makeup and maybe she’s trying ‘too hard’, but home girl took pics herself, give her credit, it ain’t easy getting the right angle using a hand held camera, plus she might’ve done makeup herself – so i’m not going to foul her for that.

    Something that i usually- actually NEVER DO… but I’M SORRY 😦 not for what i said, but for possibly encouraging others to follow suit with ‘frankness’, i honestly was joking and the last thing i want is to discourage someone from coming to MO… ALL NEWBIES ARE WELCOMED!!!

    This is ur thread HADDY and we dont ‘pop off’ on ‘regulars’ -so in true MO style *raise ur glasses y’all*

        *                           )   *
                      )     *      (
            )        (                   (
           (          )     (             )
            )    *           )        )  (
           (                (        (      *
            )                )        )
                      [ ]            (
               (  *   |-|       *     )    (
         *      )     |_|        .          )
               (      | |    .  
         )           /   \     .    ' .        *
        (           |_____|  '  .    .  
         )          | ___ |  \~~~/  ' .   (
                *   | \ / |   \_/  \~~~/   )
                    | _Y_ |    |    \_/   (
        *           |-----|  __|__   |      *
                    `-----`        __|__
     _  ___  __    __  __  __  __  ___ 
    ( \/\/ )(  _)(  )  / _)/  \(  \/  )(  _)
     \    /  ) _) )(__( (_( () ))    (  ) _)
      \/\/  (___)(____)\__)\__/(_/\/\_)(___)
  34. reggie said

    my oh my. GORGEOUS! i must get to the PR. way to keep it sexy as hell H!

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