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40th NAACP Image Awards Arrivals

Posted by Media Outrage on February 13, 2009


Last night the 40th NAACP Image Awards kicked off at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Keshia Knight Pulliam hit the carpet showing a little sexy thigh. Sanaa Lathan, Rosario Dawson, Alfre Woodard, Chandra Wilson, Cicely Tyson, Mo’Nique, Lisa Raye, Tia Mowry, Russell Simmons, Tichina Arnold, Omarosa, Wendy Raquel Robinson and lots more attended the event.


Many more pics when you







31 Responses to “40th NAACP Image Awards Arrivals”

  1. I wonder how that one lady feels to be the lone white person at that event….j/k there might of been more…If I’m not mistaken,wasn’t the NAACP started by a white woman? It might of been another organization, but I believe it was the NAACP….

  2. my bad…co founder Mary White Ovington…Her along with my boo WEB Du Bois and some other people…

  3. Random said

    Not feeling anything of the dresses..and wtf did Mo’Nique forget to shave her legs..:x

  4. Random said

    any of the dresses*

  5. Damn LisaRaye got over that island negro real quick by getting under that clown she has in the top photo….

    Mo’Nique and her husband look like they just got finished smoking dope out of the back of their mini-van before the red carpet….(lookin’ doofy as fuck)

    And little Rudy is looking REAL good……if I was Kenny I would put a fuckin hurtin on that ass….

  6. loving the yellow…I thinks that’s too much thigh for that event though,and I’m going to tell Mo’nique what I tell Kanye…SHAVE!!!!

  7. I think hairy legs on a woman is useful…after I finish workin her big ass like it was unemployed, I can strike a match on those fire starters for the Cuban Cigar im puffin…..

  8. sweetthang said

    Rudy looks a hot mess, her hair and horrible dress look like the prom gone wrong!!! what was she thinking about those hideous bangs!

    Sanaa looks great!!! Mo’Nique….no comment

  9. sweetthang said

    LOL @ DT! haha

  10. Marathon_Man said

    Nah Sweetthang, Rudy doesn’t look at hot mess.

    She looks like she’s prime and ready to hop her thick pretty ass in the back of my car and get fucked CRAZY for a good hot 60 seconds of sweating and screaming and biting and cussin out this bitch.

  11. Marathon_Man said

    Mo’Nique is my girl and everything but it looks like she just left the neighborhood FATBURGER.

    Kenya Moore could get the dick fest 2009. Wendy Raquel Robinson could get that ass “cut up” like coupons.

    My wifey Sanaa looks gorgeous. But she’s not above the SKEET treatment.

  12. Wait, wait, wait, I just seen Blair Underwood’s ass with a fuckin Fredrick Douglass Civil war tie?!?!? The hell is wrong with this house nigga?

    And that black dude from Tyler Perry’s unfunny show “House of Pain” looks like the bathroom towel dude for the Cotton Club back in 1945…..


  13. Smurfette said

    @ MM, I KNOW you did NOT type 60 seconds! I will beat you like Chris beat RiRi if you do me for only 60 seconds!!! HMPH! Lol

  14. Marathon_Man said

    Lol Smurfette I said 60 seconds of thrilla in Manilla cause she was on the red carpet so i would take her to the whip right quick and shove the long chubby boy up in her and then skeet about a gallon on her thighs throw her the towel and tell her go run tell that.

    Oh but you…You could get the 2 hour Marathon_Mania workout session. we could break a bed or two.

  15. Lai'Lani said

    Look at Glynn Turner from A Different World. He looks like he’s under the influence of a little somethin’ something’.

    Keshia looks good.

    MM you are so stupid lol.

  16. MissTX85 said

    Loving Keshia’s dress. Lisa Raye & Sanaa look nice too. Mo’Nique…ma what happened?! You could’ve slapped some Nair on you’re legs real quick & got it over with. The hairy legs are so not a good look.( You still my girl though) Lance G. & Glynn T. look a hot mess. Also, what the hell was Blair thinking when he put that tie on?

  17. Gina said

    Keyshia sweety. This is an award ceremony not prom night.

    Monique, I love you girl, but I’m gonna need you to shave that chia pet growing on your legs.

    Blair. What was going through your mind when you put that tie on. Ur still sexy, but plz loose the tie.

    And who is dude with the cowboy hat??

  18. @ Gina,

    The dude in the Homo-Rodeo cowboy hat is Glynn Turner, the corneal from the TV show “A Different World”. He looks real country and stupid. Like a fish with titties coming to an awards show with a cowboy hat on. But yeah, that’s him.

  19. Gina said

    That’s him??? Wow. I didn’t even recognize him.

  20. Yea I Said It said

    I love keshias dress, also Holly Robinson dress. Tacy Ross boobs are saggin to low for her dress. Eva is cute but too much make-up. And as for Blair Underwood, I could be a jumpoff for him, just for one night two days no sleep.

  21. Yea I Said It said

    On second though, Eva girl put tissue in your bra.

  22. Eva is flatter than 2 Half dollars under a dump truck…but she does have a pretty face!

  23. Yea I Said It said

    That’s right Lisa-Ray smile through your tears, and unhappiness. Pretend you have moved on by showin up with some closet trick you found and hope your ex sees you have gotten over him. Wear a loud ass yellow curtain pass it off for a dress, and show your former pleasansts the first lady does not have to wear white all year round.. Hope you get to see 2020 so you can apologize and beg for his forgiveness…. whisper in DT ear that yea i said it,is stillin waitin for you to confirm your trip to Chi, and aplogize in person like you said. Then Lisa gone home take off your wig, pour yourself a glass of gin st8 up and fall into a coma just to make it through another lonely night… nite nite lisa

  24. LOL…that was cute and elegant. I do need to confirm that trip. But Lisa wont be alone I think that dude is going to stab her guts like a drunk in a alley fight!

  25. Yea I Said It said

    LOL @ DT..stab her guts? Where do you get this stuff? If you confirm for spring, I can take you on a cruise, you won’t need clothes. If you cofirm for summer. I can show you all this city has to offer, you won’t need clothes.

  26. Atlanta said

    Kiesha looks great.

  27. joneblaze said

    Monique’s husband should shave her werewolf legs while she’s sleeping…i mean….DAMN Imagine what her inner lap looks like……UGH!!!!

  28. Lio said

    I love Keisha, but i think she over did it this time..She’s beautiful already, no need for all that make up and bad hair shit, just be natural

  29. ucanb2 said

    I like Keisha’s look most of the others looked good.

  30. itsurboi said

    why is every pic of Monique’s leg on here hariy than a muahfucka?

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