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T.I. & Janelle Monae

Posted by Media Outrage on January 31, 2009


T.I. and Janelle Monae posed for a nice picture during the GRAMMY Nominee Reception in Atlanta Thursday night. Big Boi was also in the building. How many have heard Janelle Monae’s music? If so do you feel it? Ladies, could Big Boi get the time of day if he was a regular joe?


18 Responses to “T.I. & Janelle Monae”

  1. Gina said

    Who is she? And what is that shit on her head?

    And ti could get get get it. I just wish he’d put on sum weight. He’s 2 skinny

  2. Yea I Said It said

    LOL @ Gina….. Monae has a different style. I have never heard her music… MO if you show me another pic with my man and any female i won’t be responsible for whatever happens should i find your office today!!

  3. Random said

    Well I’d rather see him with an attractive femme than that God awful looking creature babymama of his..her face gives me the creeps..eek!!

  4. Smurfette said

    @ Random, Tiny is not attractive to me either! But life experience has taught me that it aint yo looks that will have a man like TI or any other man sprung. If it was Halle Berry wouldn’t have men probs. Its the way you stroke their ego, sex them up, yo cooking, and most importantly, havin an open mind. Tiny don’t mind when he wanna have a 3some. She goes along wit the flow, although im sure they disagree from time to time. But my men have always loved me because they can be themselves wit me. That’s what caught them. I never minded goin to the strip club wit my man, I let my man have his freedom, I can cook, my sex is good. And im independent. These are the things that keep TI hanging around Tiny after all these years! Looks can fade, but you can’t find someone whose personality and spontanaity everywhere!!

  5. Atlanta said

    I don’t even like TI but when he hooked up with Tiny she was paid and not to mention that the chick is a still writing songs sooooooooooooo, to him that may outweigh looks. Then, not to mention that TI was NOBODY when he hooked up with her so he might be the lucky one. Also, you all are speaking about TI as if he has class or deserves better. He was a ghetto, shit talking, shit starting nigga that rapped about nothing but being in the trap. He did not become positive or have “class” until after he caught that cass.

  6. Random said

    I hear ya Smurf but at the same my opinion of course looks are just as important when it comes to the opposite sex…For instance..when you initially meet someone (without knowing them on a personal level)..Looks are the first thing you notice and that is what atrracts you to the person..Sure if the personality isn’t there I won’t bother wasting my time on that individual..but at the same time..if there isn’t that initial attraction matter how ‘nice/wonderful/genuine’ you may be..I just can’t take that past a friendship in a sense there’s gotta be both there..ya understand? That’s just my theory on that..but everyone is different I suppose..

  7. Random said

    I’m basing it off looks alone..I don’t know either or..or care to know for that matter..I just happen to find him physically appealing..and well Tiny just isn’t.but like I mentioned above..everyone’s different…What I think is attractive the next person may find absolutely hideous and vice versa..

  8. Smurfette said

    I feel you, Random! I have many thing about a dude that would make me be attracted to a man, but his looks are at the bottom of the list. Even initally meeting a guy. When im at a bar, I give the ugliest guy there as much convo as I give the good looking ones. And to be honest, I kinda shy away from the very handsome guys, they normally are assholes. But like u said, everyone is diff.

  9. Lio said

    whether we like it or not, we are all shallow. Looks is at the top of everybody`s list when looking for someone, I don`t care who you are . When I go to a lounge or bar or whatever ,your look we`ll make me walk towards you, whatever comes out your mouth in the next 2min will determine if I buy you a drink or not ! period.

  10. T.I.'s #1 Fan said

    LOOKS LOOKS LOOKS! We don’t know what Tiny has to offer or what she is about. Would you all rather him be with a pretty chick but she is dumb and broke? Who knows? Tiny may be the reason for his success today. Looks may be at the top of you all’s list but who wants a good looking, dumb person, with empty pockets? To me she is not all that ugly. She probably could stand a nose job but, I’m sure 99.9% of you on here could stand to have some work done as well.

  11. 2020VIZN said

    Lio has a point but everytime I rush a female because she looks good, I end up with a fucking problem. Wether she is super pretty or simply thiks she is super pretty you gonna need some excedrine. I have come to the point in my life where if a chick is too pretty I dont like her ass from the gate. (Lisa Raye is the cause for my condition, she sealed the deal for me, but Ima get help for that though). But at the end of the day fuck a pretty face and a model type body because most times their looks is all they care about and the attention is what they love and when thats the case, you will loose that person to the dude that can pay more attention, so it will almost be impossible to get on a grind for a real come up without drama. Get into a person’s mind and personality because good looks and a nice body will fade away but if you hang the relationship on the right thing you will be happy with eachother for life.

    I know I said a few things that Smurfette said in an earlier post but the shit was way too real so I piggybacked a lil bit, no disrespect smurfette

  12. Lio said

    That why I said whatever comes out her mouth will determine if you keep talking to her over a drink or NEXT !!

    you determine if a person has their head on their shoulders in the first 5 min of the convo, if you ask the right simple questions of course such as ” What do you do in life ?”

    Wrong answer : ” right now I’m taking it easy” <– unemployed, broke, looking for a sugar daddy?mammy

    Right answer: " I just finished my degree and I’m starting a new job in September"<– DING DING DING, Intelligent, has a plan for the future,

    those are just examples, but you know what I mean.

    also if you ask a very simple question and the person answer with a diaherra of words, talking out of their asses, forget them..NEXT !

  13. Yvonne said

    I don’t know who Janelle Monae is.

    I can’t answer on the Big Boi question because I don’t know him either and I can’t tell what he looks like with the sunglasses on.

  14. Lio said

    For those who don’t know, Janelle is probably the best thing to happen to music in along time. She ‘s like a female version of Andre 3000, the music is a quite similar. She has a very beautiful voice, and when her hair is normal, she ‘s a very attractive lady. However, she might be weird to some, hell, to most of us. In her bio, she claims that she’s a robot from another planet, of course it’s all play, but she’s in character most of the time. She released an album on her own record label, Wonderland Art Society <– ( you see why people find her weird ), but the album will be re-release under the Bad Boy Label in June or August. Anyways, I like her music and I’m glad diddy has ZERO creative control over her music, she’s a genius…check her out

  15. Lai'Lani said

    Thanks Lio. As soon as you mentioned that she was signed to Bad Boy i immediately felt sorry for her lol. But glad that Diddy has no creative control over her because in my opinion he has wrecked a many of careers and stolen a lot of money from plenty of artist.

  16. ucanb2 said

    Do you understand what ‘HELL NAW’ means?!!!!

  17. Miss E said

    @ Lio, thanks for the info on Janae. I didn’t have a clue who this chic was dressed up like she is about to go horseback riding with the Queen of England.

  18. Media Outrage said

    Lol @ Miss E.

    “I didn’t have a clue who this chic was dressed up like she is about to go horseback riding with the Queen of England.”

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