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Your favorite actress on set

Posted by Media Outrage on June 27, 2008

These are some photos of Beyonce on the set of her new movie Obsessed taken on Monday. Many of you desire to see Bey test her acting ability by portraying a character that’s not straight out of a musical. Well in Obsessed, Bey will get an opportunity to tap into her inner crazy and become that stalker that we all know she can become, and if she’s struggling with this then she aught to place a call in to Ms. Gothica herself and let the master of crazy tutor her. Image Source

23 Responses to “Your favorite actress on set”

  1. I think she is standing bowlegged like that because she needs some of my DICKWELL….or because she is frustrated over the fact that this is real acting and not singing…im not sure….

  2. Ms. E said

    DT @ no, she probably thinking about know she is dangerously in love with his Camel A$$!

  3. Ms. E said

    M.O. – Yall are funny that title is hilarious! She is not an actress!

  4. Udamnright said

    Damn my future baby momma in my dreams looks bangin in these shots. Thats a beautiful woman right there.

  5. beach chick said

    LOL @ Ms. E…..Beyonce may surprise all of us with this one!

  6. Kristina said

    Haha lord knows she got some inner crazy in her the way she shake, gyrate and sweat 10 pounds off on stage. Should be an interesting movie no doubt.

  7. BitterSweetBelizean said

    WOWWW!!! She looks exactly like her mother. Freaky…

  8. du66's said

    ppl ppl don’t get it twisted her eye brow arch ain’t even steven

  9. i want to see this film..shud b interesting

  10. eric tres said

    Beyonce is the worst actress to ever step into hollywood. Maybe they should give her a star on the walk of fame for that. I will download that movie illegally or borrow it from somebody, but there is no way am paying to see her act.

  11. Random said

    lol@’favorite actress’…when I think of the term “actress”..Beyonce’s name is the last one that come’s to mind..I’m not fond of her singing..let alone her “acting skills”.

  12. eric tres said

    True word Random. Can’t understand why after failing as musicians, most artistes run to acting. Forget Latifah and Will Smith B coz you too, how do i say it, oh yeah, not on actress.

  13. KIARA said


  14. Ms. E said

    Will Camel oh I mean Jigga let Bey have a hot love scene with Idris…I just need to see some chocolate nipples (his chest of course)!

  15. beach chick said

    If there is a hot love scene Ms. E, you better believe Jay”Camelface”Z will be right there!

  16. RBaller said

    She is fine as hell, is all i can say!

  17. Ms. E said

    No they need to call me..I know I could handle a love scene with Idris! I could be his mistress or something!!! I just want to be in the same room with him for a hot minute!

  18. she should just act like she did in the “ring the alarm” video…had me convinced of her crazy! lol

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  20. missdcakamse said

    eftboqchj vbxp – WTF?!!

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